3DS Virtual Console Will Have Game Boy Games

Good news for those who love their classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games – the 3DS will have its own Virtual Console, from which you’ll able to download games from both systems.  So this answers the age old question of why there were never any Game Boy games on the Wii’s Virtual Console download service – Nintendo were saving them for the 3DS!  No prices have been confirmed, but Super Mario Land and Link’s Awakening made an appearance.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Well this is nice to know.

    shame ive already got a list of game boy games on my Psp.

  2. I still have quite a lot of original Game Boy games but nevertheless this is still excellent news and I’ll undoubtedly pick up a few.

  3. Cool I wonder if it has support for a few virtual consoles so that I can play classic Castlevania and Megaman on the go!!

  4. Will you be able to play the GameBoy games in 3D? That’s the question.

  5. pokemon games will be on there im sure

    • Yesss!!!
      3D-ness be damned, all I want is Pokemon!!!

  6. sorry i havent been closely following the 3DS’ progress really, but is there any mention of the touch screen remaining? like will DS games still be playable?

    id like to assume yes because ofg the “DS” in 3DS, but one should never assume.

  7. I’m assuming you’ll still have to buy them in “moustache points” or some other pointless non-money way.

  8. More I hear about the 3DS the more I want one. It’s fast becoming the retro afficionados console of choice. It’s not even really the 3D aspect that appeals to me more the extra grunt under the hood. Cannot wait.

  9. at least nintendo cares about backwards compatibility

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