Blood Drive Trailer

Hey look everyone, yet another game featuring zombies. Or should that be zzzzzombies as every title under the sun seems to feature them at the moment? Red Dead, Call Of Duty, Dead Nation, Dead Rising 2, Borderlands DLC. Hell, even Yakuza 4 now has zombies.

This new game from Activision features an apocalyptic zombie-filled world, beefed up vehicles and hey look, even a blinged-up rap superstar character called “Superstar”.


Heading to the PS3 and Xbox 360 on 19th November, the game features six environments and drop-in multi player. You star in a reality TV show in which you race about and kill zombies.

“Over-the-top vehicular combat and zombies are two things that go great together. What more is there to say?” said David Pokress of Activision.

Uhm, nothing really, that’s about as deep as it gets. Here is the trailer.

Source : YouTube



  1. I love Zombie games but this game does not look that fun.

    • agreed, looks like a game to avoid like a zombie…sry, thats cack! lol

  2. Get ready for exciting quarter-mile action at the Springfield Dragway. It’ll be motorized mayhem mayhem mayhem. Do we need all those “mayhems”? We do. All right, fair enough. I suppose you know your business.

  3. shows nothing for the game. Probably a reason for that.

  4. It’s a long time since i played Carmageddon.

    • That’s exactly what I was just thinking. Whilst the trailer doesn’t really show any part of the game apart from some quick (potentially pre-scripted) cut-scenes, I’ll hold my judgment until they release actual game-play footage.

    • Loved Carmageddon. If they get the car handling and gameplay right this could be promising.

  5. All these zombie games do is make me sad that I can’t play Left 4 Dead on my PS3.

  6. cant see this game being very fun tbh

  7. I don’t understand people sometimes. A game that sounds like it could be fun and it gets trashed before anyone’s even seen it, and I’m certainly not bored of zombies, the only decent game on that list is Dead Rising 2.

    • It could be fun I never said it was not, merely pointing out Zombies are rather over done atm.

  8. Looks like a bad version of Carmageddon :/

  9. Judging by the trailer alone it looks like a PS2 game with slightly upgraded graphics. Will this be a PSN store release?

  10. There’s even a fucking trailer for this shit. Wow…I won’t even pick this shit up if it’s for $10…or even with a shit scooper for that matter.

    • Jeez, calm down ffs. Was there any need to use the same word that many times?

      • How about no I won’t calm down, and yes for using the same word twice. Are you TSA police?

      • Your parents were killed by a zombie driving an old Ford Cortina Mk III, yes?

      • A grey one =(

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