Scott Pilgrim DLC Coming Later This Year

I love Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game. Given that revelation, you will understand my excitement at Ubisoft’s announcement that the title will be receiving a pack of DLC to be released around the same time as the movie’s DVD at the end of the year.

Announced at yesterdays Ubisoft Digital Day event (focusing on the company’s new emphasis on downloadable titles like the upcoming Beyond Good & Evil HD), the as yet untitled pack will include Knives Chau as a new playable character, and two new multiplayer modes: dodgeball and arena battle.


A patch is also being prepped for the game, which will rebalance the game’s difficulty, add drop-in-drop-out co-op, and go on a bug fixing spree. The DLC and patch will arrive in November in the States, for $1.99 on PSN and 160 points on Live. No release details have been announced yet for Europe, although it will likely come out alongside the yet-to-be-dated Scott Pilgrim DVD.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Quite enjoyed the demo, couldn’t bring myself to invest in yet another side scrolling beat-em-up though.

    • How many do you have then? It’s been dry ground for years concerning the side scrolling beat’m ups.

      I agree that three of ‘m have come out in a short period of time, but one isn’t even available in EU.

      Too bad this DLC is just some extras and no new levels. Well, at least it’s cheap.

      • I’ve got 2 versions of final fight, the Turtles in time redux, and, well actually that’s probably about it to be honest.

  2. I kinda liked the demo. Then I saw the film and the demo became less obscure. Then I read the comics and now I really like it!

    Scott Pilgrim is epic and I nearly stabbed a work colleague in the face when he told me he didn’t get it and left half way through

    • Haven’t seen the film but in my experiences if you leave halfway through a film theres about to be things you don’t get.

      • I have never walked out of any film or show, I consider it very rude and the piece was designed to work as a whole so you can’t appreciate it if you don’t take it all in. Look at something like Sixth sense or Signs. These are films that just don’t make a lot of sense without the ending

  3. Great news, I really like this game. Although I’m actually happier about the patch than the DLC …

  4. I’ve read all six of the Comic Novels episodes. It’s truly awesome, and perhaps the best comics I’ve read. I also liked the game, lovin’ the retrofeel and I’m considering to buy it. This DLC might be just what it needs. I have not seen the film though, as I’m afraid of being disapointed. Cause I know it won’t be half as good as the comics. Good game though. Good game.

    • i’d watch it, you might be surprised.

      i loved the film.

  5. I was a bit dissapointed that every one that i spoke to didn’t “get it” It’s my 2nd favorite film this year behind Inception

    • Screw them. I had a similar thing with my colleagues at work (see above). It’s epic but being a very unique style some people are too narrow minded to just accept it and enjoy the art. They need a nice clear and logical plot etc.

  6. Great film, but I found the game too difficult personally :P perhaps the patch will help me out and I can properly enjoy it.

    • Yeah, it was pretty hard, especially the ‘boss’ battle. And that was only the first one!

      • First one was a lil challenging, but the second one… wtf! i don’t think i’ve beaten him, and have tried in co-op too

  7. Drop in/out co-op play is definately what this game was missing. So much fun playing local co-op, i’m glad ubisoft are continuing to support this.

  8. My favourite PSN game I’ve downloaded. Very much looking forward to the DLC, hoping for some more trophies!

  9. if it adds online multiplayer then i’ll buy the game, that was the one thing lacking from the game in my opinion.

  10. They really need to make Wallace a playable character

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