F1 Championship Reminder

An important update to the rules.

The TSA F1 Championship got off to a flying start with a whopping 41 entries. Due to this we opened a third championship (Championship C) to allow more of you to enter. After some negotiating with entrants in the F1 topic in the forum, Championship C was announced as being on Tuesdays at 8pm. After some messages were sent, some entrants found this time more suitable for them and others volunteered to change their day to make things easier. The result is that we now have three full championships, as well as some entrants who will be reserves.

To allow drivers enough time to see the day they are driving, if they are on the reserve list, and to get some practice, we are bringing the closing date for the competition forward to 9pm on Wednesday the 6th. Any entrants received now will be reserve drivers.

Reserve drivers will take the place of drivers who cannot attend their race, for whatever reason, and the points they earn will go towards the absent drivers tally. If a driver can’t make a race they will be asked to let everyone know in the forum, where a reserve driver can then put themselves forward (or be contacted) to take their place.

To enter as a reserve driver please email adam@tsa2.org with your TSA and PSN ID and what day you would be available to reserve for.  Remember, Championship A is on Sundays at 5pm, Championship B is on Mondays at 6pm and Championship C is on Tuesdays at 8pm.

TSA has been very thoughtful and set up these handy buttons in the left side bar to filter the Competition and Community posts to ensure you guys don’t miss anything. Also don’t forget the Meets section where you can set up a game and ask other TSA members to join. This game has been particularly popular with TSA members (with many TSA games being played almost every night) and if you set up a meet you are sure to get people signing up. This will also be a good way to practice and try and perfect that racing setup for your F1 car.

The first race will begin on this Sunday the 10th and the track will be Melbourne. Drivers and reserve drivers will be announced on Thursday the 7th. This will be when you find out who you will be racing against, giving you an opportunity to scout out their driving style and their ability with some practice meets beforehand. If you have any questions or wish to view more info on the competition please take a look at the forum topic created for it. May the best driver win!

This post was written by AG2297.


  1. Should it be Sunday 10th?

  2. no spaces then? :(
    damn, one of the reasons I bought f1 was for this.
    hope everyone has a good tournament :)

    • There is spaces for reserve drivers so sign up.

      • I doubt theres much point, theres 5 reserve drivers as it is, and most people will turn up.
        Ok, I’ll try and get onto a pc, and sign up.

      • We need reserve drivers for all of the championships so do sign up if you want a chance to play.

      • I can make any of the championships every week.
        Will do.

  3. I’d better get practising for tuesday 12th then.
    I’m going to practice each track week by week.

    • Thats probably the best way to do it :)

  4. Have a great tourney, although you don’t need me to say that!
    I decided my skill level of ‘average’ wouldn’t quite cut it :)
    whoever wins out of the 41 deserves to be called the TSA driving king!

    • I was thinking of asking the mighty nofi to hand out a title such as that under the winners name, unless manorhowze wins (he already has driving god :P).

      People of all skill levels will hopefully be racing. The top 3 get prizes, and everyone should earn some points so it would have been worth entering anyway (or entering as a reserve now).

      • Until Manorhowze posts a faster time than the one I have set on Melbourne I shall consider him no god of mine :P

      • Bow down to your god, lol. Just set a slightly faster time on Melbourne. Didnt have long as its my lunch break, will have a proper go tonight.

      • I cant resist a challenge, lol. I spent a good hour on Melbourne tonight and have taken 2 secs off my previous best. :)

      • I did some time trial’ing today and noticed you had given it another go manor. Think the best ive managed to get is a 1:28! I think the first race of this championship will be VERY competitive.

      • Me and tef were just racing each other on melbourne.
        It was more like dodgem cars than f1 :(

      • Downloaded your ghost for melbourne, manor. How do you carry the speed through the 1st corner like that? Just following you I took 4 seconds off my time :-). Still need more practice, and tbh once there’s 11 cars around, it’ll be totally different, i’m staying well clear for the first 3 corners lol

      • The first corner is hard to explain. I brake a bit late and then let off the brakes and floor it round the apex (if all goes well).

        I have it on the lowest downforce setting to keep the speed on the straights so I adjusted the camber, toe, ride height and springs to make it go round the corners a bit better.

  5. I can race but the TSA bitches keep taking me out…randomers might be the answer…joking dudes but freaking hell there is a randomicity to me being shitted off the racetrack.

  6. I’m sorry mate but I am done with this game, please let someone else participate in my place.

    • Sorry for that I was just letting off steam, the frustration with this game is unbelievable…6 racers enter a corner all trying to avoid collision, but there is contact and my car always spins but no-onelse seems to be affected wtf is that all about…why am I driving a car made of jelly. I do still want to be in the tournament but I’m not going to attend any more meets before that because the game is biased against me and my jelly car. If only someone else could lose out in a pile up occasionaly, but no it’s always my car …..it happened too often to be a coincidence…every fecking race.

    • Forget all that hot air, I was racing last night with TSA’ers and my new strategy seems to work….hold back and let the carnage unfold in front of you, then whistle on by lol.

  7. Skipping Bahrain and going straight to Melbourne? Don’t blame you….

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