Turn 10 Upset Core Forza III Fans

Remember us telling you about that Top Gear pack for Forza III? Well, although that’s going to be available via DLC soon enough, it looks like the 10 additional cars that will feature in the corresponding Ultimate Edition won’t be available to ‘regular’ Forza III owners – oh no, you’ll need to buy the new retail disk itself, according to the latest Blog from the developers, if you want everything that the ‘Stig’s Garage Car Pack’ has to offer.

In what could be seen as a rather cynical way to drive new sales of the game at around about the same time as Sony gear up to release Gran Turismo 5, it looks like Turn 10’s move has frustrated existing owners of the game that’ll have to fork out again to get the new cars.  This is doubly frustrating because the Ultimate Edition will contain all the DLC those existing owners, which includes myself, have already bought.


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Publishers Microsoft have issued an official statement on the matter, saying “right now ‘Stig’s Garage Car Pack’ is only available through the purchase of the Forza Motorsport 3 Ultimate Collection. We are evaluating if and how we release the collection independent of the retail bundle and will have more to share soon,” suggesting the news, which some have found hard to swallow after supporting the game over the year, might not be all bad.

Forza 3 scored 10/10 on TheSixthAxis, where we praised its community and creative aspects.



  1. All twelve Forza fans are upset? Seriously though, that’s a scummy thing to do.

    • Forza is an incredibly popular series and (judging by what I saw at Eurogamer) very similar to GT5 so I am lost by this comment.. lol

      • if you think Forza 3 is similar to GT5 thats probably why his comment is lost on you.lol (not being to rude)

        from what iv seem of GT5 and played of Forza3, GT5 should whipe the floor with it

      • Lol no offence taken. I am by no means a proper petrol-head but the games just seem quite similar to me. Both have gone for realism in terms of handling, etc. Both allow you to tweak your cars to your hearts content. I’m sure there are plenty of extras in GT5 that you won’t find in Forza3 (well, I hope so given its huge development time) but the still are undoubtably comparable surely? :)

      • umm, id say so as in they are a racing game. its like me with FPS, ALL FPS’s are the same. Only thing that changes are the model skins and levels/areas…but im sure FPS people would nail me to the wall over such comments! lol

      • This is true, I’m just suprised there is such a strong divide between Forza and GT fans given the games (to most players) hold a lot of similarities.
        Then again I love Battlefield and hate CoD despite them both being pretty similar on the surface so I suppose I can see what you mean lol.

    • could be that there from different camps Sony Microsoft.

  2. Ouch.
    Give with one hand, slap people in the face with the other.

  3. Seems a bit strange but i think they will eventually make them available as DLC for existing owners of the game.

  4. Well if I were a Forza III owner I would express my disgust by going out and buying Gran Turismo 5 ;)

  5. Wow, that’s unbelievably cold, even for M$!

    • For God’s sake. It MS!

      • Normally I would agree but in this case it does make the correct point

      • I love how people get offended by the term M$! Why it offends is beyond me.

      • Because its irrelevant in the world of gaming and harks back to Microsoft’s nickname when they ran roughshod over PC rivals, component suppliers and manufacturers.

        It’s as relevant as $ony or Son¥… If either of those were written every 2mins I could only imagine the list of fanboys queuing up to reply.

      • …yeah, and its something that happened, and Microsoft make the 360?!?! people are bound to say M$, but why people get so offended by it is daft!

    • not really…Halo, Gears of war and Forza are the only exclusives that the 360 owners go mad for, so whoring them all out is bound to happen

      • Why do we shorten Microsoft in the first place? It’s not that long, not to mention M$ is insulting, and MS is a disease. Nintendo is only 1 letter shorter and never gets shortened. When did we become so lazy?

  6. There is two key elements of this article for me and both, odly enough contain our console maker’s names;

    1/ ‘at around about the same time as Sony gear up to release Gran Turismo 5’

    Sony have been gearing up to release GT5 for what feels like foever now, if publishers were to wait for this to come they would never have released a game, seriously it’s getting to the point where it way as well be released as GT6!

    2/ ‘Publishers Microsoft…’ Exactly, publishers, Microsoft. Since when does cruel and relitively non sensical commercial patters surprise anyone from Microsoft any more. They had a good time with the 360 but I think their golen days are fast becoming a colour resembling something a little less pleasent with their attitude!

    • edit, above, amongst the many typos it was meant to say ‘golden’!

    • MS aren’t exclusive on this one. Businesses around the world seem to think it’s okay to take the piss with their current customer base.

      • Oh no doubt, but MS are just a little too fast and loose with their ‘I’m going to con you, I’m going to be ignorant of the real world and I don’t give a crap’ attitute at the moment. The unreal amount of problems with Kinect a month before shipping and their, unbelieveably ignorant ravings about blu-ray as a format are two very recent examples of this.

      • it seems like in this industry though that the customer is rapidly becoming the least important part of the business as far as many of these publishers and console manufacturers are concerned.

        i’m really not happy with the way this business is going.

  7. Wont this flood the pre-owned market with non Stig Forza 3s? Hmm, fail.

    • wouldn’t it be even worse if they had these online codes like FIFA11… lots of extra cash for MS

  8. Would probably need to buy GT then?

  9. It seems a bit silly to be honest. I have put a fair amount of money into Forza 3 over the year, buying dlc and such. So I would expect this to be available to all. Then again it’s unlikely I would buy the Top Gear dlc anyway, as it would be overpriced and get boring really quick. Out of all the Forza 3 dlc I have bought I only use one of the cars.

  10. they’ll release it, they just wont admit it yet.

    ms like to deny the existence of something like this so that people will think that the new copy is the only way to get the content, like when they refused to admit there was a new hard drive until like a week before it launched, so that people would still buy the old expensive 20 gig model, same with new versions of the console.

    • QFT

    • Not a tactic that is exclusive to MS. Every company does this. Does Sony or Nintendo warn buyers about a new console or hand held before the official announcement?

      Of course they prefer people go and buy another copy, but people should have enough sense by now to not do that. It’s a very common business practice.

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