GT5 to Offer Race Mods, Aero Parts

We missed these new screens of Gran Turismo 5’s Auto Shop when they appeared a week or so back, but – hey – we’re human, and at least we’re running them now.  And besides, with the benefit of not rushing them out we can take a bit of a closer look.

See the first image in the gallery below?  Cast your peepers over those icons at the bottom – in particular the two picked out below.  The first is – hopefully – aero parts like front and back bumpers and side skirts and the one on the right looks like it’s racing modifications.


The former would give GT 5 some much needed customisation aspects, because although we’re not getting a full livery editor (unless Polyphony really do have one hell of secret up their sleeves) it would be nice to have some way of differentiating our cars.

And the latter, racing mods, that hasn’t been seen en masse since Gran Turismo 2 – the option to race spec our vehicles is very welcome indeed.   Let’s hope both pan out the way we want them to when the game launches in the first week of November.  Yep, GT 5 is nearly here…



  1. so looking forward to this

  2. “GT5 is nearly here”. Nope, don’t believe that for a second.


    • I agree, unfortunately. Only when I see it on the shelves will I believe.

      • When it drops through my letterbox!

      • I will remain sceptical even when its installing. But once it’s done I will probably have had enough time to belive.

      • be careful of what you say. If GT5 sales are anything like GT4 you may not see a copy of GT5 on the shelves for awhile. I know I didn’t see GT4 in my local Walmart for a few weeks after release.

      • Easy in the United Kingdom high streets and various shopping centres!

        pfft hard to see (unless it has crashed)

  3. it’l be out… but bet online will be naff and need an urgent patch… no public beta generally means the game will be in open beta after it has shipped

    • GT5 Prologue was a very public beta for the online.

  4. What are “bumbers”?

    And what about screen 2? That is the very first GT5 screenshot I’ve seen where a car wasn’t one colour (or two tone at best). Isn’t that significant on it’s own?

    • It would be if it wasn’t soap…

      • Hahaha fail.
        That would be quite a cool paint job though

      • Haha, fail indeed :) That’s what I get for reading TSA on my phone!

  5. I was hoping there would be some aspect of car customisation in the game. Good news indeed.

  6. I am pleased about this. I don’t want neons or spinners but some aero parts that actually make a differencewould be a welcome addition

  7. ehm… this article sounds still rather speculative if those features will actually be there. however if you read the text in the screenshots it says:
    “Welcome to GT Auto! We offer a diverse variety of detailed services covering everything from regular maintenance like washing your car and oil changes to more serious maintenance such as engine and chassis overhauls. We’ll even paint your cars or perform racing modifications, transforming your favorite car into a full racing machine. Everything you need to support your car life is available right here.”
    so… chassis overhauls and racing modifications confirmed?

    • I hope so, GT2 was my fav, and I miss the race car customization option. Just wish they would bring back the Nissan Pulsar GT-iR, loved that little 4-wheel drive beast!

    • I’m so moding my F1.

  8. i am so looking forward to playing this game on launch day….but based on the amount of content gt5 will have crammed on the disc…..will i have any hard drive left after the initial install. i think it could be the biggest install yet. a must buy for any ps3 owner and will sell millions more consoles at christmas.

    • you don’t need to install it.But i think it’s about 8-10gb install.

  9. Going to be an amazing hole in which all my free-time is thrown into. Can’t believe it’s less than a month until launch!!! Damn, I gotta finish Red Dead Redemption and clear my games list out for the next…year.

    • I have to start RDR!

      • LoL, well you’re running out of time, if you mean to beat it before GT5 launches. When you think RDR you should be thinking a GTA game’s worth of missions/side quests etc… There are many! =)

  10. Really glad to see the respray option there too. It was hella annoying in GT4 when you won a car (especially the ones you couldn’t buy) but it was a hideous colour.

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