LOVEFiLM Heading To PS3

In terms of low key announcements, this one takes the prize.  On the 21st September a video was posted on the PlayStation YouTube channel titled ‘LOVEFiLM is coming to PlayStation 3’.  The trailer states that the PS3 film rental service will be starting in November.  Existing mail customers will incur no additional charge on their current monthly fee.

Source: Everything PlayStation


  1. Looks like Eurogamer contacted Sony UK for comment:

    Sony UK declined.

  2. Seems that this video was posted prematurely… kinda stole the wind from the official announcement’s sails.

    Good spot by all concerned.

  3. Ive missed all this, so in turn missed the video, can anyone give me the low-down on how this will work. I already have a lovefilm account so Im really interested in this.

    • What ever streaming films you are entitled to as part of your package will be available over the PS3, like-wise any chargeable rentals as well.

  4. I might use this instead of MUBI, can’t wait!

  5. Do yoo reckon there will be bonus content or something like them gettin more ps3 games to send out, especially new releases?

  6. Im confused, has this been confirmed or is it pure speculation? I’ve heard from one place it’s a source’s claims, another that it’s a fan video and The Telegraph are saying its for definite.

    Either way, i hope it’s true!

    • I doubt Sony would post a fake video on their Official YouTube page! My guess is it’s be accidentally revealed too early and they’ll be a proper announcement on the EU Blog later this month – no doubt followed by lot’s of posts in the comments section saying ‘WHEN POLAND?!’

  7. the vidoes been removed now. darn

  8. Love Films??? Love torrents!

    • torrents really would be the best thing to happen to the PS3.

  9. My subscription to them is £3.99 a month but on the YouTube channel it said prices from £5.99 so I wonder if I’ll get thru PS3. Hmmm….

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