Existing LOVEFiLM Customers Can Continue To Rent Games

As long as you’re already on a game package.

LOVEFiLM End Game Rentals

Didn’t they get the Xbox 180 memo?

News Snatch: The Last Of Us DLC, Diablo 3 PS3 And Why Ryse Dropped Kinect

Fez 2, LoveFilm, Killer Is Dead, FIFA 14, Dead Nation and loads more.

Consoles: The Streaming Generation

Consoles are for more than just gaming.

LOVEFiLM On PlayStation 3 Expands to Germany

“You can mistrust me less than you can mistrust him. Trust me.” – Jack Sparrow

LOVEFiLM Answer Your Questions

“How much is a bag of popcorn?” not included.

LOVEFiLM Aiming For PS3?

New DRM signing suggests so.

LOVEFiLM Streaming Coming To PS3?

PSNVDS, your time (and your silly acronym) could be up.