LOVEFiLM End Game Rentals

LoveFilm, the Amazon-owned DVD, Blu-ray and videogame rental service, will cease to provide the latter part of their offering to new and existing customers from August, according to sources.

“We are no longer offering games rental packages to either new customers, or those who wish to change from a non-games package,” says the on-site FAQ.


“In order to give the best possible service that we can, we are looking to focus on our strength, which is providing the best selection of film and TV content for our customers, and making it available whenever and wherever you want it.”

Rival Netflix, LoveFilm’s main competition, also doesn’t offer videogame rentals.

It was originally assumed that LoveFilm’s move was due to the Xbox One’s restrictive DRM, which would have all but prevented rentals from actually working. Microsoft famously went back on all that a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps nobody told them.



  1. Smart move. In the coming years physical game rentals will dwindle due to the convenience of digital distribution, and demos being instantly playable. It’s good to see they’ve had some foresight.

    • Maybe Sony should have some foresight and stop asking £60 for a digital download when the game can be picked up for £30 or less on an actual disc…….

      • That’s normally something that can be directed at Sony. They’re usually quite good on digital pricing, EA on the other hand…

    • i wouldn’t go fully digital while these machines online stores are still a monopoly.

    • Digital releases, need to mildly reflect high street/online prices. eg. Deadpool is £20 more expensive, than my local hight st retailer. In a rare case, N.Dog got it spot on, with The Last of Us at £40.

      Surely with less overheads, distribution & disk production etc, this is plausible.

  2. That is a shame, I have used the LOVEFiLM a video game rental service for nearly four years. It has certainly helped me boost my trophy collection and play game I didn’t necessarily want to own. It will be missed.

    • By the look of it if you currently have game rentals as a part of your deal you will continue to do so, this only applies to people opening new accounts or wanting to switch to one that offers games.

      • There’s not much on their coming soon game list though.

      • All game rentals end on August 8th.

      • Buy buy lovefilm then.

      • Still haven’t received anything from lovefilm telling me this yet.

      • where’d you hear that TC?

      • Ah. I was correct! Seemed fairly obvious from their wording.

  3. Once they stop adding new games I’ll be getting rid of my lovefilm subscription. The games were the only reason I had a subscription. I can live without the films.

    • Me too. Totally gutted about this as the other rental services are more expensive and less reliable. Hopefully the increase in customers the other companies get will help lower the prices though. Lovefilm have been magnificent for gaming. Saved me well over £1000.

  4. I stopped using them last year. IMO they’ve been winding this side of the business down for a while. I used to get top games very quickly, even on launch day once or twice but towards the end of my membership I was rarely getting the games I wanted most and they were taking much longer to turn around.

    • I still get the big releases on release day. The nature of big games though is that all of their copies will go out on the day of release then it’s a bit of luck or careful management or your rental lists to get a game shortly after release.

  5. I never had any top titles with them or any games that were at the top of my list. I signed up with Boomerang 4 weeks ago and have already had Grid 2 (on release day), MGS Revengance and Metro Last Light. I have my list set to only send games in my top 3 and they still manage to do this with less than a day turnaround. Cant fault them so far.

  6. Been on the phone with Lovefilm and they have confirmed that Game rentals are getting shut down to existing customers next month (August).


  7. I had a subscription for 6 months way back in 2010, it worked really well for games but I cancelled it after annoyingly never getting the most popular films. Shame it’s stopping, but hopefully it means they can invest in a better selection on their streaming service which is good, but could always be better.

  8. Not good news for people like me. The whole reason I chose Lovefilm over Netflix was the games rentals.

  9. It is a shame, I used the service a lot for games and can’t fault it. I never understand the complaints about not getting new games, it’s easy enough to make a new queue with just one game (or film) in it. I’ve never missed the release day for any game I wanted using this method. Maybe I’ll hold my copy of The Last of Us to ransom!

  10. Saw this on Polygon yesterday. I’m a bit gutted tbh, I’m still using the service and was hoping it would be around for next gen as it saved me quite a bit of money. I guess PS+ is a good service to lean on instead but no more release day rentals for me!

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