LOVEFiLM End Game Rentals

LoveFilm, the Amazon-owned DVD, Blu-ray and videogame rental service, will cease to provide the latter part of their offering to new and existing customers from August, according to sources.

“We are no longer offering games rental packages to either new customers, or those who wish to change from a non-games package,” says the on-site FAQ.


“In order to give the best possible service that we can, we are looking to focus on our strength, which is providing the best selection of film and TV content for our customers, and making it available whenever and wherever you want it.”

Rival Netflix, LoveFilm’s main competition, also doesn’t offer videogame rentals.

It was originally assumed that LoveFilm’s move was due to the Xbox One’s restrictive DRM, which would have all but prevented rentals from actually working. Microsoft famously went back on all that a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps nobody told them.



  1. Wonder if I will still get charged the full price or if they will reduce my rental cost. I could live with them upping my total disc amount to compensate. I remember they did something similar when they reduced their 3 disc monthly prices. They initially kept the cost the same and threw in an extra disc.

  2. Argh pants :-( that’s the end of my lovefilm subscription then :-(

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