News Snatch: Saints Row Keeps The Gimps, Zombieland TV Pilot And More Metal Gear Mysteries

Well this is dull, isn’t it? It’s even worse than the lull before Christmas, at least there is the tantalising prospect of presents at the end of that quiet period.

This week sees the release of Star Trek and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and after that the next big release is Metro Last Light on 17th May then it is another two weeks until The Last Of Us hits the shelves.

What we need is a scandal to pass the time, perhaps a publisher could create a video and accidentally link chidren being cut to shreds by flying glass to a new video game.

Hey look, a mysterious video has appeared that links the recent Russian meteor to what appears to be the re-branded XCOM FPS, tentatively known as The Bureau.

The footage includes a video of Russian children who were practising Judo at the time of the meteor. The windows of their gym were blown in and terrified kiddies had to run across the broken glass to escape. The incident occurs at the fourteen second mark, look at the kid in the top left of the room who clearly gets showered in glass.

Bloody Disgusting has noted that Until Dawn has been labelled as PlayStation Move compatible rather than requiring the stick waving tech to play.

More indie developers singing the praises of Sony, Papo & Yo developer Minority Media said “It’s a great opportunity for us because Sony really helped us to push the game out and make people know about it, and then they really helped us in the development, too. It was an amazing relationship.”

Meanwhile Retro City Rampage chappy, Brian Provinciano, tweeted “Tons of indie games have been announced for the Vita recently. I’m doing more for it, not announcing what just yet though.”


If you have been paying attention you will know that episodes one and two (the pilot) of Defiance (the tv show) is free on both iTunes and the PSN and now I bring you news of yet more free TV.

A while back Netflix launched its second home grown series (the first was Lillyhammer) with a remake of House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and now LoveFilm is firing back with no less than fourteen pilot shows.

You can watch all of them here and the shows with the most votes will be fast tracked into production.

Pilots include Supanatural, an animated cartoon featuring two sassy divas who are “humanity’s last line of defense” and the John Goodman vehicle, Alpha House.

Pick of the bunch has to be the TV series of Zombieland which despite replacing all the original actors has manged to keep the same humour and visual style.

Fans of Gimp suits rejoice! Saint’s Row is not changing despite the best efforts of grumpy former games maker, Cliff Bleszinski.

Saints Row IV Senior Producer, Jim Boon, spoke to OXM and said “Ultimately I don’t think that SR’s tone gets in the way of bigger sales, if anything, I think our tone is an element of our success.”

“I think our fans would miss what might be considered juvenile elements of previous SR games,” he added, “Based on the overall reception and sales of SR3, I strongly suspect many people enjoy this aspect of SR, even if some may not want to admit feeling that way.”

Money news! Things cost money, lot’s of it if we believe the Internet. God Of War Ascension is said to have cost around $50 million to make, whilst Heavy Rain cost $40 million but made Sony $100 million.

And Finally, a masked figure who claims to be a Hollywood actor who has worked on several animated movies has posted a video suggesting he (or she) will be involved with Metal Phantom Solid Pain Gear 5.

Who is the mysterious masked figure? Is it David Hayter or could it be someone else because we were all completely fooled by the Joakim Mogren / Moby Dick Studio ruse… no, wait, we were not. It’s David Hayter, right?


  1. That has to be David Hayter. Who else could it be?

    • Seems pretty clear cut to me but whatever’s in the water at Kojipro seems to have made them all a little (more) mental in recent months so who knows?

    • If its not Kojima or Hayter, could it be Keifer Sutherland?

      • Id know that voice anywhere he’s speak and spell.!

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