LOVEFiLM On PlayStation 3 Expands to Germany

Ever since LOVEFiLM launched on the PS3’s XMB in the UK last November, movie fanatics have streamed a large collection of titles, for free, as part of their subscription.

Today it has been announced that Europe’s largest subscription service will be available on German PS3s.


Simon Calver, Chief Executive of LOVEFiLM, is excited by the expansion to another European country:

The extension of our partnership with Sony beyond the UK is a significant move in expanding our digital home entertainment service internationally.  PS3™ already has a strong customer base in Germany who will now be able to benefit from our vast collection of titles that can be streamed directly to their living rooms.

Highlights of the films available include Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Batman Begins and Beowulf.

We hope that other countries in Europe will soon see the service launching there too!



  1. Christ, you class beowulf as a highlight? I purposely didn’t watch it because all reports of it were terrible! I’ve seen everything I want to see on lovefilm player unfortunately I wish they’d add some more films. Also, they should ask me which ones first just to make sure I haven’t already seen them.

  2. Wish they would upgrade the streaming service to HD, I’m getting tired of sub-DVD quality streams

    • sub DVD quality? ouch! SD TV broadcasts in the U.K. are a higher quality than DVD, so this sounds bad. Can you download then watch, rather than stream? which should solve the problem…

      • No, just streaming unfortunately. Looks a little bit better than your average megavideo stream

  3. Zaz ziz very gud.

  4. What’s the source of this? I’d like to read more.

  5. Lucky bastards!!!! We in Sweden have yet to get even the *OFFICIAL* ps store :(

    • What do you mean by “official ps store”?

      • ops forgot Movie after official.

      • Ok, it’s not available in Norway either… :’-(

    • It’s oki, we (scandinavia) will get it within the year is over, they said so at last E3. Oh wait…. that was last year >_<

  6. Great news, I’ve been waiting for this :) But I hope there are also some real highlights available.

  7. BT internet means I dare not sign up yet as it would be a waste. Once I change providers ill be in.

    • Why would it be a waste? I’m on bt and its all good for me.

      • I’m guessing he’s talking about download limit.

        I recently upgraded to PlusNet and have a 60GB limit.

      • Although I’m happy with BT for speed at the minute, they throttle at peak times (although when they uprgrade the infrastructure where I live it shouldn’t be a problem). And the home hub is 24 carrot average in all areas, when they trumpet it as amazing!

  8. I tried LF recently and I think the ads are very misleading. The choice of films to stream was worse than the quality of the films. I also thought the PS3 interface was either broken or designed very badly. Instead I’m paying less per month to upgrade to sky hd, their new improved anytime service is very good.

  9. they need to update the lovefilm app, it’s still got that stupid 100 titles limit in all the searches, makes it so you can’t see a load of movies on most of the lists.

    you can still find them by searching by name, but you have to know about the film first.
    not so good for finding movies you might never have heard of.

  10. Would be good to see this service roll out to more countries. Sometimes I just want to watch a movie instead of playing a game, and this would make that more easier

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