Castlevania Gets Another Lords of Shadow

The Spanish version of Eurogamer has picked up radio chatter involving a sequel to the recently released Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Coming from the mouth of one Oscar Araujo, the game’s soundtrack composer, the news that there’s going to be a second in the series might be well received by gamers but we’re guessing Konami (and developers MercurySteam) weren’t quite ready to announce it yet.

“If you liked the first [game], hope that the second is even more spectacular,” he said, translated by the regular version of Eurogamer.

Our lengthy hands on with the game is here.


  1. Bit early aint it? They have no idea just yet how this one has fared, i reckon it’ll do reasonably well but you just never know.

  2. I’m assuming the first one ends in such a fashion that they had always banked on making two and possibly three? They must be quite confident about it!

    I very much enjoyed the demo and hope to grab the game in the next week or two.

  3. Playing the first now, and it isn’t really all that good imo. Combat is far too stiff and boring and the game isn’t nearly as smooth running as it should be(I know they never aimed for 60fps with it, but it really feels like a climb down performance wise after GoW3). Design work and production values are impressive all the same.

    If it picks up, I might be interested in a sequel, but as things stand, one is more than enough.

  4. I won’t shoot down anyone else’s opinion, but i think that a sequel is not only necessary, but will also be quite welcome, i just finished the game last night, and although i was a bit taken aback at the ending, it really wasn’t too far stretched, and in the feeling of castlevania, i think it worked masterfully.

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