New DC Universe Online Gameplay Trailer

Annoyed with the recent news that DC Universe Online has been delayed?  Well Wes Yanagi – Senior Producer at SOE – thinks it’s a good thing:

“We think it’s really gonna pay off. With the delay and expanding beta, it will give us a chance to test and scale our servers and take feedback from the players so we can deliver a killer experience when the servers go live.”

As a treat a new trailer has been released for the game.


Source: US PS Blog



  1. looks fun to me…
    to bad of the monthly subscribion fee
    else i might buy it

  2. yeah only problem i can see is that all the trailers have the propper DC characters in, it shows nothing of the “actual” character types you can play as

    • it looks like quite a few of the characters in that video were created just in the game as opposed to being from the comics.

      though it doesn’t really show the power sets too well, other than what looks like flash style speed moves and a poison ivy style plant based attack.

  3. Looks a lot of fun, I’ll really have to read a lot about this come release because while I’m not adverse to monthly payments, It’ll really have to be special to make me take the plunge.

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