Killzone 3 Beta Entry: 8pm Tonight

When the method for obtaining a Killzone 3 beta code was initially announced it caused a bit of a commotion as it seemed to favour those who didn’t have work/college/university to go to.  Fear not, as Sony has confirmed that you’ll all have a fair crack at it as the special Killzone theme won’t be available to download until 8pm tonight UK time, 9pm CET, 6am in  Sydney, Australia.

Just to reiterate; to be in with a shot at getting into the beta you must do the following:

  • Sign up for PlayStation Plus
  • Be one of the first 10,000 to grab the exclusive theme from the Plus section of the Store when it goes live
  • Check your email on October 25th

One can only imagine the load that the PSN is going to be put under tonight.  Good luck!

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. PSN will go down. People will be refreshing like mad.

    • It better not go down as there is a meet tonight.

      • I think their will be a few people disappearing for minutes, myself included.

  2. So here’s me up bright and early checking the store on the false hopes that it’ll be there (damn) lol.

  3. Damnit! i’m going out tonight to watch a band :(

  4. Doesn’t bother me as i don’t have ps+. I think this is fair game though. Almost tempted me to get ps+. If it was guaranteed getting into the beta i probably would’ve done, but buying it just on the hope it might get me into the beta isn’t going to work. Still, good ploy.

  5. Also for us plusers they are giving us the Fallout 3 dlc free for a week only

    • I didnt own fallout 3, but found this out last night and promptly purchased a copy of abay for £7 inc P&P. worth it for the free dlc. the 1st three dlc parts are free from today, with the other 2 parts starting either later in the week or next week i think!

  6. I’ll be there at 8pm trying desperatley to download the theme as quick as possible! but i wont be too disappointed if i cant get on straight away, 10,000 people is a lot, and id be suprised if anyone on the store at 8pm didnt get it eventually. Exciting times! more exciting than last nights football!

    • anything is more exciting that. I think clipping my toe nails is infact.

  7. this gives me a chance to go for it, but I wont…because I don’t want to waste my money on P+.

    • in other news, outrun has been pulled from the psn because the ferrari license has expired, so at least that wont be included in ps+. has this little ditty changed your mind? haha

      • We covered that last week…

      • Doh!, I may have been in vegas (:D) when it was published so might have missed it. still glad that its not a contender for ps+

  8. I wonder how many Plus subscribers are in the regions getting the theme tonight? Im sure the odds are gonna be tight, were all gonna be sitting there waiting an hour for a 5mb theme to download only to find out we didn’t get in because it took so long.. :(

    • I would think it would count from the time to push download, and not from the time you complete the download…

  9. Good luck to you all!

  10. God dammit… and I took a half day just to get this early. GRRRR!

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