Conduit 2 Trailer Lands

The original Conduit game for the Wii is now infamous for the bold claims developer High Voltage made before it was released.  We were told to expect ground breaking graphics for the console that wouldn’t look out of place on a higher powered machine.  Unfortunately that never quite happened, and we got lots of corridors.  The control scheme, however, worked really well and it was clear a lot of time and effort went into it.

So now onto the sequel, and it’s actually looking pretty good.  The new trailer shows off some weapon types as well as a four player multiplayer mode.


Source: GameTrailers



  1. The control scheme of the first garnered a lot of praise, it will be interesting to see how this raises the bar.

  2. I read a lot about the first one but never got to play it.
    This looks a lot of fun to me and I can see myself buying a Wii soon, there are just too many fun looking/sounding games.

  3. Would it be easy for someone to explain the praiseworthy control system?

    • It just felt right, not too sensitive…just like me! :oD

    • Sure, one of the buttons was to spray your automatic rifle fire around wildly hitting nothing but alerting the enemy to your presence, and the other button through a grenade at your feet killing yourself.

      Wait… no, that’s every other shooter – this one is awesome.

  4. cool. it almost looks as good as Halo 2…

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