Conduit 2 Delayed Again

SEGA has confirmed that its upcoming Wii FPS ‘Conduit 2’ has once again been delayed, following its earlier push from February to March. The new release date is April 22nd. SEGA had the following to say:

“The game is now scheduled for release on April 22, 2011, which allows for the team to continue to balance and enhance the game’s multiplayer, one of the key features and focuses during the development of this ambitious sequel.”

We hope it doesn’t suffer anymore setbacks, lest it ruins Kovac’s best of 2011 listing, causing cosmic rifts, soaring petrol prices, and the cloning of Jedward.


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  1. I alway think SEGA will be the next dev to go under. They seem to have more problems than success. And I think most of their games get described as financially disappointing by SEGA themselves. But I will say this, if you own a wii the first Conduit is one of the best fps for the system.

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