Conduit 2 Trailer Arrives

The first Conduit game may have slipped under many people’s radars but it made large steps in making the Wii’s controls perfect for a first person style of gameplay. Sega’s sequel has a lot of promise, so much so that it recently came in at number 84 on TSA’s list of games we’re most looking forward to in 2011.

Here’s the launch trailer, for your delectation. Who says the Wii can’t do “core gaming”?



  1. I really bad for not finishing the first game. When I finally decided to get a Wii last christmas, the Conduit Special Edition was only a tenner at GAME so I picked it up. However, with it just being after christmas, I was swamped in so many other games, I only played the first few levels and then decided to sell it. Silly me.

  2. May have to dust off the old Wii for this.

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