TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #84 Conduit 2

Despite only garnering average reviews, the Wii’s The Conduit was deemed worthy of a follow-up, a sequel formally announced back in March of this year. Sci-fi political action here, with protagonist Michael Ford, saviour of Washington D.C. from an alien invasion and all-round super-awesome presidential assassination thwarter, returning to shoot anything that moves. And anything else for that matter.

Extraterrestrial bad-guys The Drudge also return, with the sequel commencing immediately after the end of the first game. It’s not all the same, however, as Agent Ford now gets to flip tables over for cover, shoot off adversaries’ armour to get to their bullet-hating fleshy bits, and even visit Atlantis on his travels. That’s right, Atlantis.


Lauded for its multiplayer and beautiful visuals (for a Wii game), Conduit 2 (they’re dropping the “The” part this time) promises to ante up everything from the first game into a bigger, better and more refined package. We’re hopeful it can live up to its potential and stand-out as a solid Wii shooter. As developer High Voltage Software haven’t had to spend time creating an engine this time out, their efforts have therefore been focused on honing a rip-roaring, high-octane motion-controlling shooter. Whether they’ve succeeded or not, we find out in Q1 2011.

Finally, and ironically considering the sequel’s cover sports an awesome image of Ford unleashing all types of ballistic hell (see above), the first game won Gamespot’s undesirable “Worst Box Art of 2008” award. If the new cover is anything to go by, we’ve got our fingers crossed that the other issues The Conduit suffered from have also been remedied.



  1. From what I could gather, the original suffered from samey enemies and bland environments. Those are two things which could easily be tweaked out of a sequel’s design, making this a very interesting proposition.

    • The devs also hyped it up far too much. it was a solid game though.

  2. Need to keep a close eye on this one. Conduit 2 could get me off the PS3 for a while if online is great…

  3. For some reason the control method of the first one is held in such high regard that plenty of people talk about it as being the best for an FPS.

    This looks good though, I wonder if Ninty suffer from the stereotypical online idiots seeing as most owners are either too young for FPS or are parents themselves. If so with Goldeneye and then Conduit2 could be an unlikely FPS heaven

  4. this is the kind of game id enjoy if i hadnt sold my expensive white dust magnet. Although still get a slight urge to pick one up again now and then, i think the mrs is buying one for her little girl

  5. Happy 1000th article! About a… Wii game?

    • Make that 10000th, I’m guessing the 1000th was about nine-tenths of the site’s life ago

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