Extra Life 2010 Live

Last week Peter told you about a charity event called Extra Life, organised by our lovely friends over at Sarcastic Gamer. Along with thousands of other gamers our very own Blair is taking part right now with Jon Brady (better known as Yamster), one of the editors at Sarcastic Gamer.

In fact you can check out a live stream of them playing right here, they’re playing Rock Band for 24 hours solid. It all kicked off at 8am and this morning and it seems that Jon’s voice has held out so far, but with a lot of singing ahead of him we can only hope he manages the whole 24 hours.

In fact if you donate to Yamster and get him up to $600 he’s pledged to sing and play guitar at the same time for an hour. In the same spirit getting Blair up to $450 will get you an hour of one legged bass playing. And if Rock Band isn’t your thing then Sarcastic Gamer has a directory of all the events that are being live streamed today.

I know we’re not always the most serious of people here at TSA but this is all for charity to support the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals; I think we can all agree that’s a very good cause indeed. These guys and gals need your support, not only your donations but your moral support to get through 24 hours of solid gaming.

It may sound easy, but I can’t imagine gaming for 24 hours knowing that you can’t stop. So please; check out some of the events, donate if you can and spread word throughout the internet however you can.



  1. Managed to donate to them, asked for some foo fighters so hopefully we’ll hear it soonish :)

  2. Brilliant. Raising money to help children is the top of top things. I rate it just under my love of Huskies in importance.

  3. Those crazy dudes pulled it off, 24 hours of Rock Band.

  4. Well, that’s it done.
    Wrist is in so much pain, but so worth it as we raised £900 for charity!
    Thanks for everyone that popped along and chatted, was really good speaking to you and entertaining you!
    I’ll probably write something about it soon.

    • Please do, fella. I’d love to see yours (and Yamster’s) thoughts about the whole thing. Did you get plenty of TSA folk in the chat room? Plenty of Sarcastic Gamers? Aches, pains, how long you slept afterwards, etc.

      What TV did you buy with the £900, etc. ;-)

      • Chat room was a bit devoid since SG in its entirety was taking part in Extra Life but, y’know, y’know…

        Thanks for the support everyone. Still got my voice, SOMEHOW, and made it through without much trouble!

      • My arm hurts so much. Can’t pick anything up/open a door. Godammit.
        Worth it, though.

  5. Well done, guys :-)

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