Guest Writer: Trophies Part 1

It’s not uncommon to get in guest articles, but Boomshanks has gone above and beyond with an absolutely huge article on The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of trophies. In fact it’s so huge I’ve had to split it out over today and tomorrow. So here’s part one on The Good of Trophies.

After seeing quite a few discussions about terrible trophies I decided to write an article about it. See, as most of you will know, the life of a trophy whore isn’t all fun and games(pun intended). Sometimes the ‘fun’ part gets taken away by trophies which are anything but a blast to get. These trophies are bent on sucking all the fun out of their respective games. They are meant to break you and do their damned best for it.

Seeing as I’m an optimist I’ve also put some trophies in there which are an absolute joy to get. This evens things out nicely and gives me a nice excuse to use this title. Before I continue though I would like to say that the discussion whether or not to go for these trophies can be taken elsewhere. I didn’t write this article to be told just to give up and I’m sure a lot of people think the same way as me. So let’s start with the good ones, shall we?


Challenging Trophies

A lot of trophies are either too easy or too hard to manage. Getting a trophy for starting a game can hardly be called an achievement while trophies which are too hard can put many people off playing the game entirely. Luckily there are also certain trophies which just manage to hit that sweet spot of ‘challenging but doable’.

In my opinion the best trophies ever fall in this category. Most people like to be challenged, but if the challenge is unfair they will not react very well. Challenges just outside your comfort zone are the best because they do require you to improve, but not by immeasurable amounts. This results in trophies which you most likely won’t get on your first try but feel the desire to improve for. If you’re effort is just short of getting it the first time it’s easy to put in some extra time and end up with a satisfactory ping and a new piece of silverware.

Exploration Trophies

Most games these days have tons of options but I would never check them all out if there wasn’t a reward for it. Exploration trophies usually require you to play a certain mode, visit a certain area or do something else you otherwise would not have done. These trophies are great for finding new ways to play a game and increase not only the time you spend on a game but also the enjoyment you have with it.

If, like me, you play through the game not thinking about trophies the first time, exploration trophies will most likely not be gotten immediately. It’s only after you look at the trophy list and see the requirements that you realize that there might be an area or weapon you missed. Passing the Titan’s Trial in Final Fantasy XIII is a good example of an optional area which provides a lot of new and fun playtime. Getting the most out of your game is the objective here and it’s one I firmly applaud.

It should be said though that these trophies can also be taken too far, which results in a bad experience. Sampler Plate from Guitar Hero 5 and Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic from GTA IV are good examples of this.

Humorous Trophies

Humorous trophies are probably the hardest trophies to find. It’s not often that developers put these in their game as they take quite a creative mind to think up. Whether it’s an extremely funny name such as the ‘Two Cups one Girl’ trophy from Dirt 2 or any of the trophies from Gravity Crash or an extremely silly thing to do within the game these trophies are a blast. A good example would be the ‘Psychotic Prankster’ trophy from Fallout 3 which requires you to place a grenade or mine while pick pocketing someone. Unnecessary but oh so funny. These trophies usually aren’t that hard to get but while you’re going for them you can’t help but smile. Killing an enemy in Borderlands by jumping on them may not get you anywhere but it’s certainly a fun way to expand your trophy collection.

Coming tomorrow: The Bad and The Ugly of Trophies



  1. I always see trophies as something that only the players that put in plenty of time and effort and show lots of skill should be able to earn. Platinum trophies should only be available to a a group of people who go above and beyond when playing the game.

    What’s the point of easy trophies just to satisfy everyone? There’s no sense of accomplishment having the same Platinum as everyone else.

  2. Well there’s not, but then there has to be easy and difficult platinums. Everyone can get burnout and terminator, they’re there for the taking for anyone that wants them. But then there’s the difficult platinums that have bragging rights such as wipeout or warhawk. The most difficult i have is [email protected] Some platinums are more fun that others, for example tiger woods 10 was great, though they fucked up the tiger 11 trophy list big time.

  3. Nice article!! I cant really be bothered to go for the insane trophies. I’ll try a few times & then just go on to play something else. Pending on the game of course.

  4. The best trophy I’ve ever earned and ever will earn was Zone Zeus from Wipeout. I jumped for joy when I hit zone 75, I’ve tried again since but can only get to around zone 60 as I’m well out of practice now.

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