Epic Mickey’s Tomorrow City

One of the stand-out titles at this year’s E3 – even outdoing the likes of hallmark Nintendo franchises such as Zelda and Donkey Kong – was Junction Point Studios’ Epic Mickey. Unveiled on G4TV with Adam Sessler, check out Disney Creative Director Warren Spector talk about the game’s “Tomorrow City” level.

If that’s not all and you’re looking for something a little more weird and wonderful, we direct your attention to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney’s first beloved cartoon character who also makes an appearance in the game. The big news here is that Oswald, as a Disney character, hasn’t appeared since 1951 in any new material. In fact, due to legal wrangles over at Disney all those moons ago, it was Oswald’s disappearance that led to Walk returning to the drawing board and coming up with the company’s iconic mouse. (Back then known as Mortimer Mouse before, famously, Walt’s wife convinced him to change the name to Mickey.)


Well, now Oswald is back, disgruntled that Mickey has had the illustrious life the rabbit believes he should have had. High-jinks ensue.

Epic Mickey is out next month, exclusively for the Wii.

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  1. “Epic Mickey is out next month, exclusively for the Wii.”

    And I will be first in the queue, wallet in hand.

    • Good thing you have a “Night Mode.” Comes in handy for midnight openings.


      • :oD might drag the wife along, she LOVED the Wii’s midnight launch. No wait, I meant hated.

  2. haha EPIC how is mirrors real life in the storyline!

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