Creat Starts Teaser Campaign

Creat has started a teaser campaign for its new work on the PSN. There’s not much to go on at the moment, but more will be added in the coming days.  Posting on their forum Creat had the following to say:

“Hey guys! We’ve been working hard on a couple of projects, some of which haven’t been announced. We know you guys want to see what we’re bringing to the PSN soon, and we’re going to show you  before we show the rest of the world.

Check back on the forum this week for images and hints about our newest title. We worked on this one with a new partner and we promise you’ll be psyched!

UPDATE: Alright guys! This little hint is a top secret image that you guys will see before everyone else *drumroll*

Ta-da! Keep checking back as we gradually show you bigger snippets of the image!”

Source: Creat



  1. Bust a move? :)

  2. Luckily for me I’m part of Creat Studios’ Beta forum, so I’ll get all the news first hand. :)

  3. “Monsters (Probably) Busted My Move”?

    • It does look like the Monsters artstyle, I don’t know if that game was made by Creat, but if it was, then a sequel looks logical.

  4. Dragon? Snake?

  5. My money’s on Kermit Goes Postal.

  6. Pacmans Revenge?

  7. “say what you see” (in a Roy walker voice)

  8. Muppets: The offical game?

  9. Muppets: The offical game?

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