Strumming a Marathon

Some people like to run a marathon for charity. Me? I could never do that; I can’t run very fast or for a long period of time. I can, however, do one thing: I can play Rock Band. So, last weekend, Yamster (from Sarcastic Gamer) and I played Rock Band for 24 hours. I took up the position of the bassist and he sang for an entire day. Was it worth it though? Definitely. I know I might seem insane for saying that, but Yamster and I raised over $1400 (about £900) for the Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children due to this marathon being part of the Extra Life event. Now that’s pretty awesome.

How did it go, then? Well, we had to get up at 7am for an 8 o’clock start, but due to my inability to get a good night’s sleep on an air mattress, I had been awake since 5.30. “Oh god, how did you last?!” I hear you scream. Well, it’s down to a few things: the fact that Rock Band is pretty fun (for a while), Energy Juice is nice and we had a livestream up with a chat, so all of you lovely people could keep us motivated. Oh, and we had biscuits.

Anyway, it was 9am and we were about an hour into it (that’s 1/24th of the way through!) and our first few chatters joined us. A bit of banter here and there during the ten second breaks between songs and the five minute breaks every hour kept us going for a few hours, at least. Soon more and more people joined the chat and the viewers were going up, thanks to posts on Sarcastic Gamer and right here on TSA. It was all going well, we even managed to play Ghostbusters which was simply awesome, and Gay Bar by Electric Six was… interesting to say the least.

It was, however, getting pretty boring after just a few hours, so we decided to spice things up a bit by allowing people that had donated to request songs. This led to me slappin’ the bass to Lady GaGa many, many times. Still, we needed sponsors, after all that was the point of the whole event! What we did next was simple: we pushed ourselves beyond just playing Rock Band. Yamster agreed that if he raised $100 more, he’d continue singing and play guitar… on expert. Me? If I got from $380 to $450, I’d play expert bass on one leg for an hour.

So, after we ate some sandwiches, I began my hour of pain. You don’t have to believe me, but it hurt a lot. It’s very hard to concentrate while standing on one leg. I nearly fell over a few times, which our viewers found simply hilarious. Some said I’d fail after twenty minutes, some said half an hour. But there was no way I was failing this; it was for the kids, after all. So, an hour passed and I was done! A short break later, and some of Yamster’s friends seemed to appear from nowhere (probably a car, I was too busy getting used to standing on two legs) and they then took up the other guitar and drumming positions.

We were all set, rocking out like never before. Yamster, some dudes that I had just met and myself, being streamed to about a hundred people on the internet. After a few hours, Yamster and I were alone again, and it was only 5pm. We blasted through a few more setlists, ate more biscuits, had some dinner and we were half way there (livin’ on a prayer!). It felt like it should be over by now; Yamster was losing his voice and we were well over half way through all the songs he was able to sing! But, we kept going, nothing was stopping us now.

Kris (that’s Raen to you) was still with us. He’d been there since 9am and was no doubt our biggest fan, I don’t know how he lasted this long watching us playing Rock Band, someone should have sponsored him! All was fine for the next four hours, but as soon as it turned midnight, it got much harder. We didn’t know how we were going to survive the night. Still, the hours went by and we still had an audience to perform for!

You all know Davs, right? Djhsecondnature? Well, he joined us during his own Extra Life gaming marathon at about half past two in the morning for a while, and we played a few songs, but nothing too harsh on Yamster’s voice. After this, we finished another setlist and we were done with all the songs that Yamster could sing. I was feeling extremely ill, and only then I realised that I hadn’t been drinking enough water, the energy juice was actually making me feel worse. So what was the next logical step? The Beatles, of course!

If you’re ever going to play The Beatles Rock Band, I’ll give you one bit of advice: never try to play it at about 4 or 5am after being up for almost 24 hours. It was even more scary than usual. So, a few setlists on that and we only had a few hours left. Time for… Green Day! We somehow managed to push ourselves through a setlist on that, and in no time it was 7am. It was time for the finale to end all finales!

So here we were, setting up a setlist of twelve epic songs, my wrist was aching and Jon was losing his voice. Kris returned to cheer us on for the last hour. We blasted through them and finished with an eight minute long song; it was 8.02am. That’s it, we were done. I don’t know how we did it, but we had made it through an entire 24 hours of Rock Band for charity. I’d like to thank Sarcastic Gamer for allowing this to happen, everyone who donated, watched and helped and Yamster for helping me get through it. Although, I’ve still not caught up with the sleep, every time I close my eyes I can see bright flashing colours and I’m basically unable to use my right wrist… it was worth it.

I don’t think I’ll be buying Rock Band 3 next week.



  1. You guys must have been in pain after that, but hell, well done on your achievement. By the way, when is the next time a 24hour marathon like that happens again?

  2. That’s really impressive you two, well done!

  3. Awesome effort guys. 24 hours is a long time!

    I did a night time walking half marathon for cancer research last month. took me 5 hours cos I was dying from a cold, and it was like -3 or something during the night!

  4. Terrible pictures, but great sentiment, i tip my hat, young sirs!

    • They’re screenshots from the livestream. So… yeah.

      • Made me laugh so much when nofi started posting screen grabs

      • Oops-sa-daisy, didnt realise, my bad…anyway congrats
        *still tipping hat*

  5. congratz! as much as I love rock band, I don’t think I could do it for 24 hours!

  6. Excellent work , how you did that is beyond me . I love Rock Band but after an short time if i look at the carpet or wall it starts moving (because of the conveyor belt with notes on ) 24 hours and id be tripping my head off .

  7. Great achievement Blair and well done, lesser men would have given up 23 hours before you finished ;). I bet the charity is chuffed with your efforts. Let’s see if the local journo’s can use this as positive gaming publicity for a change. :)

  8. Well done guys! The endless setlist was bad enough, so I dread to think how you must of been after 24 hours!!

  9. SHOW!!!!

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