EA Buys Chillingo

EA has confirmed that it has successfully acquired iDevice publisher ‘Chillingo’.  Reuters are claiming the deal won’t have cost EA more than $20m, which is a tidy sum considering previous dealings in this area have been much more (the buyout of Ngmoco for $400m for example).

Chillingo has been responsible for publishing the smash hits ‘Angry Birds’ and the rather wonderful ‘Cut the Rope’.  EA will not receive the intellectual property rights to Angry Birds as part of the deal.  EA shares closed down 1.16 percent.

Source: Reuters



  1. This is great for both parties. Chillingo know their stuff.

  2. I might try getting into iphone game development. I know nothing whatsoever about it, but read a couple of books i’m sure i’d be ok :-) if it means i can get bought for a few million quid just for making 1 good game it’s got to be worth a couple of evenings looking at text books doesn’t it? Iphone development for dummies anyone? :-)

    • You have to have a pretty good knowledge of software development to create a good game. And even then, you are looking at about 3 – 4 months of developing the game. Then there’s $99 you need to get it onto the iPhone, and then there’s potentially marketing as well.
      Hardly any of the many many games developed for iPhone make it big. One bad review could ruin your app, so success is really thin. Another factor to consider is that you can only sell your app at a low price of either 49p or £1.

      • I don’t care about any of that, i only care about the millions of dollars ea give me :-)

  3. Plus, isn’t chillingo the name of that new mexican fast food joint? They’ve got a branch in bluewater.

  4. I hope this doesn’t stop them for answering a query I emailed them yesterday about cut the rope. They might be too busy being EA now.

  5. Soon they’ll be absorbed in EA mobile…. (in two years)

  6. Helsings Fire, Angry Birds & Cut The Rope and many more, Chillingo know their stuff, thats for sure.

  7. Maybe we’ll see a PSN release of angry birds?

  8. What exactly is it that Chillingo actually do?

    I see that there are a publisher, but what is a publisher ultimately used for in a model of distribution like the AppStore? Advertising? Development costs?

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