Apple Has Money, Eyeing Up Sony?

The financial papers might not be a usual source for gaming news, but something circulating in the last hour or so (from Barron’s) is that Apple might be looking towards Adobe, Walt Disney or – get this – Sony for an acquisition.

ProActiveInvestors, as part of today’s round up, simply states that Apple is “facing speculation that it could acquire Adobe Systems, Sony, or even Walt Disney.”


Of course, Apple has a lot of money and these sorts of stories surface every other day – to be honest the company buying out Adobe would be of much more interest, but we’ll see where this one goes over the next few hours.

Presumably straight into the bin.

Update: We’re hearing that a move for EA is also possible and much more likely. It’s going to be a crazy afternoon on the US markets.



  1. Hope it goes straight in the bin, wouldn’t apple getting sony make the price of the products go up by quite a bit?

    • Sony are already dear, just look at their TVs etc compared to everyone else

      • apple taking over Sony would be a real shame, they are expensive but the products are quality. Apple taking over will mean less quality i think, thats if Sony as a name would still exist.

      • Sony are dear, Apple are dear, but both produce a hi-quality product and finish. Both companies also push people to the next level of tech…two good examples, Apple got rid of Floopy disks for zips, now they even take the dvd drive out of the mac book airs, pushing the wireless and cloud. Sony push Blu-ray and now 3D, made camera phones popular, and pushed the next level gaming into peoples home with the 1st CD console (i believe Nintendo dismissed the product from sony). Both company seem to want to drive us on in the tech world, and not just merly copy the competition, thats the reason i would hate one buying out the other…working together on a device would be interesting though!!

      • But i liked floopy disks!

      • bajere, i agree with you. i hope it wouldn’t dilute either company’s aim. But think of Apple making a real game system. COMPLETE support for everything we want and unified features and looks

  2. No

    • I agree

    • Yup

    • Lol i nearly choked after just writing a long rant on the other Apple thread when i read this !! Stay away from Playstation for the love of god or id have to try an xbox for the first time ever .

  3. Apple are providing much needed competition in the gaming arena, giving a kick up the arse for mobile gaming in particular, having less companies (through 2 of them merging in some way) would be a bad thing for consumers, not a good thing.

    If Apple really do have money to burn then someone like EA would be ripe for the taking, although I hope that doesn’t go through either as their products may not appear or may be slow to appear on rival platforms.

  4. Speaking to Apple: “Don’t you dare…”

  5. There’s also rumours about Apple becoming a major investor in facebook (quite a large casual gaming market) but I think that has more of a social networking basis.

  6. Apple are probably just sounding off and puffing out their chests going na na na na na we’ve got money look we could buy the moon!

  7. This is so stupid.
    Apple doesn’t buy fully formed companies, they buy start ups and then merge them into their structure and utilise their tech in current or new Apple products.

    If Apple bought Adobe, then it would literally just be to kill Flash. I don’t think Apple care, they can slowly strangle Flash to death for a profit…

    If they bought Walt Disney… Well, that too is blindingly stupid. Apple would then have Movie, Film, Game, Theme Park and numerous other franchises to suddenly manage. I don’t get that at all. When has Apple shown any interest in anything other than electronics and software?

    As for buying Sony, that’s a bad one too. Sony’s tech development prowess is rather mighty, granted, but they also have TV, computer and console products. Apple are doing better than Sony in all these regards (aside from TV, but then why would they want to get into that market? It’s not exactly expanding much).
    Sony also come with the massive games development portfolio, which is honestly too big to merge into Apple. Then there’s the music label, TV studios, film studios etc. etc. etc. They’re all Apple customers…

    So yeah, get rid of this completely idiotic rumour. All of these companies are too big for Apple to buy, and doing so gives Apple absolutely no advantage to their current position in their various markets.

    • It’s be buying out the competition too, Walkman vs. iPod & all that.
      Not that Walkman makes much of a stand mind, in terms of sales. Otherwise, I think it’s better anyway.

      • Buying out the competition?

        Adobe doesn’t compete with Apple in anything but one or two pieces of software, Disney competes in no markets.

        Sony is being whipped by Apple by the iPod Touch and iPhone…

        The only place Apple and Sony compete is with computers, where both are premium products. Except that Apple are doing very well in that market too, and generally one could consider their competition to be Microsoft, more than Sony, since so much of Apple’s computer market hinges upon OSX.

        So no, there’s nothing in that argument either…

      • I meant almost exclusively media players.

    • It’s not really as silly as it sounds, if Apple by Adobe then not only could they kill of Flash and then laugh at other mobile manufacturers that make a big song and dance that they support it but they’d have compleat control over the CS software (and since the mac platform is a favourite for designers)

      Disney is by no way a large stretch of the imagination as Steve Jobs already sits on the board and also runs Pixar, plus they could make the movies and the content produced by the TV networks that Disney own (like ABC) digitally exclusive to iTunes

      Then for Sony they could buy out the competition on the consumer front or again make the digital content exclusive to iTunes

      • Thats the sort of thing i would expect if Apple ever did buy Sony to be honest. Just make it a division of Apple entertainment of something.

    • actually obtaining sony would hugely strengthen there power in the tech world apple is trying to get into the world of TV, no company produces TVs like sony (even apple uses them in there stores) so that would be one great advantage to acquiring sony, also apple is probably thinking of broadening it self into the console market (current news of the mac app store pretty much confirms this) so the playstation is a great purchase all the first party developers that sony has is great for apple and is exactly what they need if they want to take this game sector seriously, (and people are you seriously saying you dont want a mac os on your playstation or IOS on your playstation.) also sony own sony BMG music the biggest music label in the world, itunes would be full to the brim with exclusives and such, also sony movies, would be a big gain to apple with the likes of apple tv. buying sony is a good move for apple, get rid of compietion (such as walkman, viao laptops, and such) while making a huge leap in the future of entertainment GAMING, no company apart from nintendo has that many first part developers.
      in all i think its a good move for apple and us as a consumer.

    • To be fair, Steve Jobs is already Disney’s biggest shareholder after the Pixar buy out. And all that content is already sold on iTunes.

      Out of them all, Disney would seem the most sensible. EA is another one…

  8. not a fan of apple as a company, i hope this stays a rumor only…

  9. Adobe… Disney… Sony… EA…
    Sounds like someone making thing up to me. Eeny, meeny, miney, MO!

  10. As long as they don’t slaughter guerilla, naughty dog, suck punch and media molecule eh guys

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