F1 2010 Patch Now With Sony/Microsoft

The wait is nearly over.

I can always tell when people who I follow on Twitter are playing F1 2010.  Tales of bugs, punctures and penalties permeate through the normal tweets of “I’ve just bought some bread from the shops”.  Those who are on the verge of giving up should be cheered to hear that a patch for the game has been finished, and is now in the submission process with Sony and Microsoft.

Codemasters Community Manager, Ian ‘Helios’ Webster, has said the following:

“The team have been hard at work and as a result we have now completed all internal testing on the patch.  The patch is now in submission with Microsoft and Sony for all 3 platforms, and once this process has been successfully completed the patch will be released, ready for you to download.”

Source: Gamerzines


  1. just seen this on twitter lets hope its soon

  2. Does anyone know how long it usually takes? I’ve seen guesses from 2-3 days to 2 weeks quoted on the forums.

  3. Good stuff. Lets hope it is everything we hope it to be. Should help the TSA F1 championship be a bit more fun too.

  4. Hope they get it out by Sunday for the TSA championship

  5. Oh good, i’ll play F1 2010 again. Stupid punctures and AI racing you in qualifying when they are on their out lap and you are on your hot lap!

  6. I’ll wait for the patch list and see what they have changed before playing it again.

  7. Is there a definitive list of what they are actually going to fix?

  8. About time, i hope its quite a big patch and fixes loadsa bugs!

  9. Better not be next month….

  10. 360 worldwide first, then US ps3, then EU ps3, at least two weeks later

    • Cynical, I’m afraid, but probably true…

      Still, should be here for Christmas.

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