TSA F1 Championship: Round 10 Results

The final race of the main season pushed racers to the limit around the gruelling course in Suzuka, Japan. With several places still up for grabs in the championship, and bragging rights for nicking the top spots of each group, we had a trio of great races to see us out.

For the final standings, head over to the F1 Championship thread in the forums. This weeks results follow below:

Championship A

Once again, Daywalker got disconnected from the qualifying session, so sadly we had to carry on without him. Several people had difficulties, with Teflon struggling to set a hot lap that didn’t involve a brief trip into the gravel traps, and almost everyone having a few mistake ridden laps. Through it all, though, Manorhowze managed to string together his best ever lap to nab pole position!

Straight off the bat the race had excitement, as there was the inevitable coming together on the first corner, with Camdaz and Matty seeming to just bounce off Spoofer’s car, that they were on either side of, and off onto the grass! Manor led happily, with Beelzie on his tail, and Spoofer now in 3rd, and having managed to make his way through the field, Teflon up to 4th. It wasn’t to last, though, as Teflon spun on the hairpin of the 2nd lap, and took a frankly ridiculous 30 seconds to get himself facing the right way, as Camdaz, Matty and all the rest streamed past him.

Spoof managed to get past Beelzie, and closed in on Manor, stayed out a lap longer before pitting, and managed to come out ahead! Then he ran wide on the first corner and Manor had the lead once again. Not too long, though, as Manor span and Spoof went past, so he was readying himself to settle for 2nd, before he clipped a kerb too strongly, and got a puncture, having to pit a second time, and having to play catch up to Camdaz and Matty.

Spoof brought it home in 1st, with Beelzie 2nd and Camdaz 3rd. Manor inherited 4th from Matty, as he had just 1 penalty to Matty’s 2. All of which means that Camdaz won group A with Manorhowze runner up. Matty couldn’t convert his previous winning form into a spot, as Spoof and Beelzie retained their 3rd and 4th places.

  1. Spooferbarnabas – 25
  2. Beelzie14 – 18
  3. Camdaz – 15
  4. Manorhowze – 12
  5. Matty – 10
  6. SpikeyMikey23 – 8
  7. Teflon – 6
  8. Heedbaw – 4
  9. Daywalker – 2 (DNQ)
  10. Aerobes – 0 (DNS)
  11. Reck46 – 0 (DNS)
  12. Gazo69 – 0 (DNS)

Championship B

Championship B had the honour of having the first two drivers to qualify (Ashgraham and JamboGT) but also the last two to qualify, with it coming down to the final race to decide who fills the remaining two places. Unfortunately, this was decided as soon as the race started as Michi did not make it in time for the race therefore Yersal and Ro6afc11 would qualify even if they didn’t pick up any points from the race. However bragging rights were still up for grabs, with the pair battling it out over 3rd and 4th place.

Qualifying began and Jambo quickly put in a 1:33.1, then went and parked in the pits while the rest of us tried in vain to match it. Ash was second in terms of pace with a 1:34.1, and Ro6 came in a solid 3rd with a 1:36.4. AG2297 had managed to secure 4th, but had a 5 grid penalty due to speeding in the pit lane.

The race was relatively quiet, with not many incidents to report on. There was a minor incident on the first lap which saw contact between some of the drivers, but within a few laps most had retaken their positions.

While Ro6 and Yersal were fighting for 3rd and 4th in Championship B, Ash and Jambo were fighting for 1st and 2nd. Jambo and Ash were pretty close to each other with only a few second between them, when in front of them (whilst being lapped) AG2297 spun off. AG (looking at the map and seeing it was clear) began to reverse and get back onto the track when he noticed two cars speeding towards him on the straight. AG quickly had to accelerate off the track again to make sure he didn’t block the track for Jambo who had Ash right on his tail.

Jambo managed to win the race, giving him 1st overall in Championship B over Ash, and Ro6 managed to take 3rd giving him 3rd overall in the Championship over Yersal. Congratulations to them all on getting through to the finals.

  1. JamboGT – 25
  2. AshGraham99- 18
  3. Ro6afc11 – 15
  4. CubsMug – 12
  5. Duncanuaz – 10
  6. Yersal- 8
  7. Freezebug – 6
  8. Josh653 – 4
  9. Gernboes – 2
  10. AG2297 – 1
  11. Michi – 0 (DNS)
  12. DJ-Katy – 0 (DNS)

Championship C

Championship leader Baxteros suffered connection problems during an 8 driver qualifying session, putting the title up for grabs. Only Tom and SuperJag could take the championship from him and proceeded to qualify first and second respectively. Off the line Tom got a slow start allowing Colin and Jag to get alongside him, going 3 abreast into turn one. Tom sensed the dangerous situation and braked early, allowing Colin and Jag ahead into the corner to avoid any collision. This turned out to be a smart move as Colin ran wide and collided with another driver, ending his chances of a good finish. LFC-Gaz was also cautious into turn one and lost a place to icuyesido, putting him in front of Colin.

On lap 2 the battle for the lead, and the title, was all but over as SuperJag spun out and allowed Tom ahead. The gap between the two stayed constant for the remainder of the race. Colin managed to recover slightly and by lap 3, he had closed the gap on Gaz. Gaz ran wide on the exit of the second Degner and spun out. Colin had nowhere to go and ran into the side of him, damaging his front wing in the process. A few laps later and Tony was following Colin up the hill after turn 7. Colin ran onto the grass and lost control, smashed against the barrier, bouncing off into the path of Tony, flipping him over several times. Tony somehow had no real damage while Colin lost the remnants of his front wing.

Otherwise the final race in Championship C was relatively uneventful due to the reduced field. However, it did drastically change the final standings however as Tom_Lord took the title away from Baxteros with a 7 point lead.

  1. Tom_Lord – 25
  2. SuperJag86 – 18
  3. Wick15 – 15
  4. Icuyesido – 12
  5. Tonyyeb – 10
  6. Colinbarr66 – 8
  7. LFC-Gaz – 6
  8. Baxteros – 4 (DNQ)
  9. Squalje – 0 (DNS)
  10. Baconsarnie- 0 (DNS)
  11. Sympozium_666 – 0 (DNS)
  12. Stingraz – 0 (DNS)

All of which means that the 12 that qualify for the finals are Camdaz; Manorhowze; Spooferbarnabas; Beelzie14; JamboGT; AshGraham99; Ro6afc11; Yersal; Tom_Lord; Bazteros; Superjag86 and the one and only Colinbarr66.

Congratulations to all those that qualified for the finals. The F1 Championship thread  is the place to head if you want the final championship standings. This week’s driver posts and write-ups can be found in the same thread, beginning here. Over the course of the 3 championships the drivers have been recording their races and posting them for your viewing pleasure. All these videos can be found in this dedicated thread.

So, some news about the finals. Firstly, no reserves are available in the finals. Look out for a PM on TSA as I will be sending all of the finalists one to suggest some dates. The race distance will now be 30%, instead of 20% meaning strategies will need to be rethought. Finally, ABS will be removed.

The three tracks for the finals (in order) will be Sepang, Singapore and Interlagos.

Sadly, we couldn’t cover everyone’s story in this post, so tell us, how was the competition for you? Looking forward to the finals? Let us know in the comments below!

This time of year is apparently supposed to be about spending time with family and gift giving. We disagree, we think the festive period should be all about gaming with fellow TSA’ers. If you agree, keep an eye on the Community, Competitions and Meets sections of the site and give @thesixthaxis and @TSACom a follow on Twitter.

This post was written by Ag2297, Colinbarr66 and Teflon, who organised these fantastic championships over the past 10 weeks.



  1. Damn Teflon sabotaging my connection as he knew I’d win :P
    But its been properly great fun with you guys and I hope we can all do something similar in the future. Cracking job AG2297, ColinBarr66, and.. *intake of breath*.. Teflon… really appreciate it.

  2. Why do I have a reserve next to my name in championship B? It was me racing as I have done for all 10 races (well 8 as two were disconnections). Anyhoo cracking championship and good luck to everyone in the race-off’s ;)

  3. Congrats to the finalists! Well done to the TSA guys. A well organised, professional job which I think was enjoyed by everyone. (Correction to the report: “Tonyyeb – 10 (Ro6afc11 racing)” I raced for myself!

    • Looks like the reserve names listed for B and C are hangovers from last weeks results writeup.

  4. Nice on community guys, your awesome. Was great fun and I can’t wait for the next one :P

  5. Good write up. Although I’d have to say the fight between me and Ro6 was pretty much one sided, Ro6 was untouchable on the day, never mind Jambo & Ash. Well done to everyone.

  6. I like the choice of tracks for the finals but no ABS will hurt me as I never got comfortable or consistent enough without it. Manual gears I’m fine with! Oh well, better get practicing!

  7. Cheers again to AG, teffers and Colin for all their time and effort in organising such an exceptional TSA event. I look forward to the finals very much although the track selection doesn’t look the greatest from my point of view. I shall of course just have to practice a bit more.

  8. Congrats to all that made the finals and a double congrats for the championship winners.
    Looking forward to the finals next month, glad to see the race length has been increased and as I don’t use ABS it won’t be missed.
    I would also like to give a big thank you to AG, Colin and Tef for doing a brilliant job organising the competition.

  9. No ABS….?? Bugger.

    • Amazing championship though, utterly fantastic from start to finish, hoping group c represent well in the finals!

    • My thoughts exactly about the ABS, gonna have to get some practice in before the finals.

    • That was my reaction when I got the email from AG. Damn him.

  10. The quali times for Champ B are quite interesting………

    • Ash and Jambo are quite often in a league of their own. If you look at previous qualifying times, they are usually pretty close to each other.

    • Me and Jambo kinda made Champ B a little boring with our Ferrari like dominance. no-one else really got a look in

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