Top Gear Forza Trailer

Those of you with good memories might remember us telling you about the Top Gear content coming to an Xbox 360 near you, very soon, as part of the Forza Ultimate Collection. Well, that time is nearly upon us (October 29th) and the UK car show’s website has posted a little trailer video.

We can’t embed the video so if you want to watch you’ll have to follow the link to the Top Gear site. Then come back here and tell us what you think about it. Or just spam the comments with stories of how Gran Turismo 5 will be better (because you really want it to be) and Microsoft are evil because they’re really good at business. You know, the usual.

Speaking personally, I’m looking forward to the new cars and video content but then, I love Forza Motorsport 3. It’s without a doubt the best track racer currently available, whether it holds on to that crown after GT5’s mysterious release date has come and gone is surely a matter for another time.

Update: Our technical wizard just waved his magic wand and made a video embed so we can have the video here. Magic!


  1. So what does it give you? Reading on the top gear website, it sounds like its a 90 min film, and your other article lists 3 cars. Is that it?
    Also, is it available as DLC or do you have to buy the ultimate colleciton?

    • It comes with the UC but I think it’s being released as DLC too.
      This highlights video and the three cars are the first part but the deal is over five years, I think. So there will be much more content drip-fed via Live.

      • I’ve heard it’s not being released as DLC and you have to buy the game again to get everything that comes on the ultimate collection

      • The official line is it will only be in the ultimate collection (as they want to shift copies) but user reaction may drive them to offer it as DLC, which they’ve so far only been non-committal towards – so make of that what you will.

  2. That just makes me want to watch Top Gear… which is available on iPlayer as well as round the clock on Dave!

  3. GT5 WILL be better and microsoft ARE evil…

    But i woulda liked to of seen some gameplay, didnt realise it was just some (already seen) Top Gear footage…poor.

  4. Is that it? just old clips of top gear. GT5 will beat forza into a bloody pulp. *Hears a angry mob of fanboys* i’m out of here.*jumps out the window*

    • It’s silly really cos Forza is a great game and doesn’t need gimmicks, especially ones that undermine it. This is such a transparent attempt to compete with GT that its actually kind of embarrassing.

      • Agree to, Forza has it’s merits, the racing engine is quite good and the graphics are good too. But the game just feels a bit bland and the single player bit seems disjointed!

    • Haha my first comment after seeing the Xbox logo: Is that it?

      So they are adding three cars which were used in Top Gear. It’s cool, but it really has nothing to do with Top Gear.

  5. GT5 will be better not because I want it to, but because it will!
    ask Clarkson..

    • We’ll soon know (I hope) wich is best.

  6. The main reason I’m looking forward to the release of GT5? The copious amounts of humble pie that are going to be delivered to Turn10’s HQ. Even cheap cash-ins won’t save you now Mr Greenawalt! Start polishing that cutlery…

    (also, if you thought of Kate Humble, you lose)

  7. “Or just spam the comments with stories of how Gran Turismo 5 will be better (because you really want it to be) and Microsoft are evil because they’re really good at business. You know, the usual.”

    Or Chris, you could exclude any mention of GT5 in an article clearly not about GT5. As that simply brings in the type of people you’re referring to. Although, it’s highly likely that you, as with many writers, do this to increase hits on articles.

  8. This is just devaluing the Forza brand. Seriously what were they thinking by doing this? Having said that I bet that the Top Gear logo will be plastered all over the box to get sales. Something that I can’t imagine happening with GT5.

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