TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #97 Mario Sports Mix

That’s it. It’s over. A Wii title – a Mario spin-off game no less – has made the Top 100 Games of 2011 list by TheSixthAxis. We might as well call it a day and go blow the server budget down the pub.

The thing is, we love games here at TSA and, yes, a number of titles from the ubiquitous Wii do feature in this compendium. If you don’t care for the Wii or its games, that’s fine with us. We promise not to do this again. Much.

Announced at E3 2010 and due for a release in Japan next month (we don’t get it until 2011 so it fulfills our criteria for inclusion here) Mario Sports Mix features volleyball, hockey, basketball and dodgeball in a similar vein to other such Nintendo pentathlons (we’re assuming the fifth sport is plumbing, naturally). Expect big power-ups and good all-round arcade game-play for the entire family.

Developed by Square Enix, the title also has up to four-player online multiplayer and hence enabling you to lay your plumber-flavoured sport-smackdown on friends across the power of the internet. Delicious.


  1. this is a good laugh in multiplayer

    • Anybody who couldn’t have fun playing it must have had all the fun sucked from their heart as a child, and I pity them.

  2. could be really fun in the right circumstances.

    • The profanity filter can’t handle accumulated circumstances.

      • LOL!
        Is that right? Is it really doing that? That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!

      • cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum-on, guys! Not funny. I have a stammer and I’m very sensitive about it.


      • circumstances … bad word … any more?? :P

      • Scumbag

      • Scunthorpe?

      • Okay guys, on topic please… Lee puts a load of work into this stuff and doesn’t need it disrupted by us lot being big kids in the comments ;)

      • I’ve had my fun.

        Re: Wii games – no probs. They’re not for me but as long as they don’t outweigh PS3 and 360 games then I’m fine. :-)

        The big hitters for the Wii are highly anticipated no doubt.

  3. hey! where’d my :( go?!
    That was completely uncalled for under the circumstances of you putting a wii game in any top 100.

    • It was spam.
      Like Thumper’s Dad always said: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.
      He got it and he was a cartoon rabbit :D

      • It wasn’t supposed to just be ” :( “. I wrote something along the lines of “A wii game? Surely not in the top 100! :( disappointed!” Turns out I wrote that in response to a video on YouTube instead of here, and :( on here instead of on YouTube.
        I was going to finish the post underneath as I soon realised, but it was gone.
        Wasn’t exactly spamming, when you consider the many many comments people make that just include
        ” +1 “.

      • Sorry for my spam comment too. To elaborate on my meaning, I meant to put:

        I think this is a fantastic and very informative article, that I look forward to reading and following over the next couple of months, but unfortunately Wii games just don’t do it for me and don’t float my boat. I consider it a kiddy console, but can fully understand the appeal it has and that it does have followers and I didn’t mean to cause offence by making a spam comment. I don’t like spam myself. Keep up the good work TSA :)

      • lol to you both…
        No harm done, I was just trying to keep things tidy (although my profanity-filter escapades put paid to that anyway…)

  4. Oh you can be damn sure this isn’t the only Wii game in the Top 100 list :) *cough* Zelda *cough*

    • indeed… it would be criminal to leave Zelda out of an “anticipated games” list!

    • *Says nothing*

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