Mario Sports Mix Vs. FF Behemoth Video

All these years we’ve been led to believe that the only way to progress in Final Fantasy is to grind until you’re an indestructible beast battling machine.  It turns out that’s not entirely accurate, as all you need is a volleyball.  No I’ve not finally lost my marbles, as a video has emerged of a Mario Sports Mix boss battle as Toad takes on a Behemoth with a flame powered ball.

It would make Patches O’Houlihan proud.

Source: YouTube


  1. Hmmmmm..this comes out Feb 4th 2011 in Europe. Not 100% convinced about it at the mo. Now that i’ve played Kinect Sports, anything like this with a controller will probably seem dull in comparison.

  2. Kupo-po!

  3. LOL if only FF games had volleyballs …

  4. Behemoth was easy, now the Tonberries*shudders*.
    I bet that was the Ulimate volleyball.

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