Final Fantasy Characters In Mario Sports Mix

When we announced Mario Sports Mix as our 97th most anticipated game of 2011 some of the reactions were less than complimentary.  Having managed to play the game, it’s actually really good fun and exactly what you would expect from a Mario Sports title.  Some old school Final Fantasy characters have been announced for the game via its official site:

  • White Mage: Technique
  • Ninja: All rounder
  • Black Mage: Tricky
  • Moogle: Tricky
  • Cactuar: Tricky

At the bottom of the page on the official site is also a copyright for ‘Dragon Quest’ characters.  We are hoping for a Slime.

Source: Mario Sports Mix site via Andriasang


  1. Lol. Lovely. The cactus will have that horrible attack where it shoots all it’s needles at you. Nasty!

    • 10,000 Needles!

      • Oh god i just had a flashback*rocks back and forth*

  2. how would the cactus play ball games, it would keep popping it with its spines

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thought that :oD

    • Special cactus gloves of course.

      • There’s nothing wrong with my ball-handling thankyou very much!

  3. Looks like this is gonna be a pretty decent partygame, now that Cactuar is on board.

  4. Moogle, my fav charatcer is picked :)

  5. KUPO!!!

  6. Awesome, might persuade a nearby Wii owner to get this

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