TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #96 Fight Night Champion

If the positions FIFA and PES have already taken up on our pecking order can be construed as anything other than pure randomness, it’s that sometimes studios need to revitalise their franchises or risk stagnation. One such series, and another evergreen sports recidivist from EA, is the Fight Night brand.

Shaking off the incremental year suffix like a tired, battered heavyweight recovering from a haymaker in the 12th round, the next outing in the punching sim, Fight Night Champion, promises a grittier, more brutal depiction of the fisticuff sport.


Developed by EA Canada, the studio ensures that this will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a boxing game, suggesting a complete departure from the more traditional nature of previous Fight Night titles. The controls are said to be the most intuitive of any boxing title, while a new system referred to as “Full Spectrum Punch Control” will allow players to move around the ring and execute a range of devastating punches.

It’s another fighter, sure, but there’s something about the new Fight Night, whether because it’s choosing to embrace a new direction or simply due to the fact that we have a thing for “the Sport of Kings,” that makes us want to get to our feet and cheer this new blood-soaked pugilist on.

Fight Night Champion is scheduled for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 next year at a date to be confirmed.



  1. I still have Fight Night Round 4 knocking about somewhere. Brilliant for when the lads are over, and the use of the right analogue stick was a stroke of genius.

  2. Really like Boxing games…..

    My fave being Super Punch Out on the Snes. I also really liked Victorious Boxers on PS2….brilliant stuff.

    EA have carved a real solid fighter out of the Fight Nights so this looks to be slick…

  3. Don’t think this can quite be classed in the annual FIFA launches (after all there are only 2 games this generation). 4 was big improvement. Hopefully this will be better. Please no more mini-games! let me level up through fighting

    • A good point, though the first three were released annually so it’s in between. I’ve removed the reference to the title being “annual” above.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I love these games but Round 4 just didn’t do it for me, it felt too light and less realistic than Round 3. Hopefully this will be back to form, gritty sounds promising!

  5. “The controls are said to be the most intuitive of any boxing title”
    If it supports move then i’ll believe that statement.

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