Vanquish Blows Your House Up

Sega’s latest speed-infused shooter is upon us and as part of the marketing drive they’ve put together this imaginative little version of the launch trailer. Just input your date of birth to get around the age-gate then give it your postcode. Then you might want to keep your head down.

For those of you who are out of the loop on this one, Vanquish is Sega’s latest. It’s a third-person shooter which might be described as Gears of War played in fast forward. We have a full review on the way so we’ll hold back our judgement until then but we can certainly say that it looks like a load of fast-paced, manic action fun. We’ve thrown some screenshots into this post too, just in case you fancy a look at it.


Let us know what you think of the trailer and the little trick it plays, in the comments. We’d love to know if this sort of thing is interesting to people or if it’s just those of us who geek out over creative marketing and viral campaigns that are seeing the attraction!



  1. hahaha yes, i found this a few days ago … class

  2. I’m going to have to review this naked for fear of friction burns.

  3. Bloody hell! Thats the bet use of streetview ever!

    Though my house was behind where the camera was looking :(

  4. hahaha, too bad that whenever i put my postcode in it shows the street next to me :S

    • It would need your house number as well to be exact. Still an imaginitive way to advertise :)

    • It got my road wrong but still a neat idea

  5. I need a UK postcode!

  6. Interesting thing about entering a UK postcode. I happened to have lived in london 10 years ago and my old postcode still works. I may have blown up the people living in my old house though…..


    • I showed my flatmate and my girlfriend and one of them thought it was cool, the other thought it was a horrible thing to do. Guess who said what :p

  8. i entered a random postcode and blew somebody else up, oh well

    is this game worth getting btw, looked awesome from the demo and i had my eye on it since august

    • just done my real one, i blew up my nextdoor neighbour yay

      • how many numbers are the uk postcode?

      • Depends where you are but usually 6 characters, 2 numbers. Where I live at the moment it’s 7 characters, 3 numbers.

      • @kivi

        you can use M1 1AA

  9. That’s cool, and it blowing it up can only improve my street.

  10. If anyone wants a post code, try NR8 6QE, it was where I grew up (Norwich), my old Leicester one didn’t work.

    Anyway, if anyone’s in any doubt, this game kept me up all last night to the point I woke up at 3 this afternoon… it’s absolutely epic. Just buy it.

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