TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #93 de Blob: The Underground

A sequel to colourful 2008 Wii title de Blob, its follow-up gains a subtitle, The Underground, while also making the leap to both the PS3 and Xbox 360. The original was critically acclaimed for its novel gameplay and vibrant visuals, with Metacritic quoting an impressive aggregate of 82%. A respectable score, and marks de Blob as one of the highest rated third-party developed Wii titles.

Players took on the role of Blob, a roaming sphere of clear water with a penchant for graffiti. By traversing the environment and dousing himself in various paint deposits, Blob transformed the dreary monochromatic world of Chroma City into a brighter and, obviously, more colourful place. There were obstacles along the way such as the dreaded ‘black ink,’ which depleted Blob’s paint reserves and required him to rinse off in water, and the pesky INKT forces who tried to stop the chromatic rebel and his tagging ways.


The sequel sees de Blob now in Prisma City, with the metropolis in the grips of a general election. Nefarious deeds are afoot as mysterious cult-leader Papa Blanc attempts to rig the contest and unleash varicoloured mayhem on the masses.

Admittedly, our interest in de Blob: The Underground has been raised by the fact that HD versions will feature this time around. The use of colour and its playful tone also suggests a quirky, lighthearted experience, while the new four-player co-op mode appeals to our collaborative tendencies.

de Blob: The Underground will also launch on Nintendo’s new 3DS platform.



  1. The first one was brilliant on the Wii and the controls actually worked pretty good. I wonder if this one is getting support for Move.

    • i loved the first, with the move this game should be fantastic

  2. Quite the unique concept and art-style, looks like alot of fun actually. Tempted to get this, but will probably wait for a price-drop.

  3. Looks like fun, just saw the previous wii version..


  4. And who is willing to bet that the ps3 version will be half arsed?.:P

  5. wooo PS3 Version!! :)

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