THQ’s Remaining Assets Up For Grabs

THQ have announced that they are to sell their remaining intellectual properties this April, following their initial asset stripping in January this year.

The remaining properties include high profile lines including Darksiders, Red Faction, De Blob, and the MX titles, alongside titles which haven’t been used in recent years such as Destroy All Humans, Full Spectrum Warrior, and Summoner.


THQ also hold a number of licenses such as Supreme Commander, Marvel Super Heroes and Worms which will be included in the auction.

Bidding begins on the 1st of April, with final bids required by the 15th.

Platinum Studio have previously expressed an interest in the Darksiders IP, which could be a perfect fit, and it will be interesting to see who purchases some of the others. A next generation Full Spectrum Warrior or Red Faction would already have a fan-base built in, and at the right price that could be extremely tempting.

Source: Press release



  1. It would be great if someone took on Red Faction as an FPS again.

  2. Having seen the physics demos at the PS4 reveal, I think Red Faction on next gen consoles could be mind blowing.

    • Agreed. If they took it to the next level we could see some really serious manipulation of polygons. Imagine being able to fire something which generates an energy sphere and that simply deletes everything inside it. It could cut through a building, the land, people, vehicles… anything! Leaving this beautifully carved spherical space… like when a Terminator teleports into a scene from the future (in the films). That lovely glowing edge to everything it’s melted.

      • Let alone the usual physics to handle if you’ve just destabilised the building and it’s going to collapse in a few seconds time.

        The destruction. Oh, the destruction!

      • They had these small black hole bomb things that were already pretty cool and the Nano Rifle was basically a baby version of what you described.
        There is so much potential for a truly next gen Red Faction: Guerilla sequel. They could refine building physics and also enable environmental destruction. Add a coop mode to than and I’d be the happiest person alive…

      • Oh, sweet Mary. All that destruction and co-op would have me slipping off the chair with excitement.

    • Definitely. They said coop was not possible because the PS3 couldn’t cope with even more destruction going on.
      I’d love to play a RF: Guerilla kind of game with a friend or two.
      I’m not sure but doesn’t the Geo Mod engine belong to Volition? If that’s the case then it would be quite some work to get such an engine up and running.

  3. Red Faction and Destroy All Humans please!

    • And a Supreme Commander to match the first too! That would make me an extremely happy Yogdog!

  4. I’d love another Red Faction game. I’d prefer it not to be an FPS however and to have it more like Guerrilla than Armageddon. Armageddon just wasn’t as fun and limiting the playable area to linear environments over open world was a stupid idea in my opinion.

  5. Considering Volition will be busy with Saint’s Row 4 and its sequels until that stops being funny, I’d like to see the the team behind Just Cause 2 work on a RF: Guerilla sequel.
    Alternatively I’d also settle for a sequel to the originals by the team that did Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  6. C’mon Destroy All Humans!
    *Anyone but EA*

  7. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Darksiders yet, especially with Platinum being involved. I found the Darksiders franchise to have one of the best and most evocative artistic directions of any mainstream franchise in this generation and an bitterly disappointed that nobody picked up either Vigil or the DS IP when THQ went under. For me, a Platinum-led return to the lore-laden world of Death, War et al is way to exciting, especially if Hideki Kamiya is involved and manages to refine the Zelda-esque combat/exploration gameplay…

  8. I’d like Sucker Punch to make a Darksiders game. I just hope EA and Activision doesn’t scoop up most of these.

    • That prospect is too pant-wetting for me to fully consider.

  9. i’ll offer 50p for the beach thing.

    no screw that, let’s go crazy, a whole pound.

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