NFS: Hot Pursuit Wii Screens Are In has posted up some screenshots of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for the Wii, and they make for some grim viewing if you’re a fan of Nintendo’s little box.  I’m not going to be rude about it, but the screens don’t look particularly good at all, and I actually thought one of them was from the Nintendo DS.  Normally graphics don’t matter to me that much, but we know the Wii is more powerful than the PS2 by some margin, so I’m baffled as to why developers struggle to take advantage of that.

Source: via VG247



  1. Screenshot 4 has to be from a DS. Surely?

    • I checked Amazon, they have it posted under the Wii section. I agree though it certainly looks DS.

    • i agree, that can’t be a Wii screenshot

    • I do hope so.

  2. 4 player splitscreen, Awesome – is that on the PS360 versions?

  3. looks piss poor, but its only on wii. the 4 player looks sweet though! bet it wont make it to the ps3 sadly :(

    • Split screen and HD consoles goes together like popcorn & salt

      • Think you mean popcorn and sugar. Salted popcorn is the work of Satan. We discussed this on Twitter the other day.

      • Exactly, as in they don’t go together at all

      • Don’t really buy that. I have ~100 PS3 games and a quick scan reveals that >55 of them have local multiplayer. Granted, most of them are PSN games, but those count surely.

      • The lower visual fidelity is better suited to split screen action, just like it is with 1080p games like the PixelJunk series etc. So, no – they’re not really comparable.

      • there still piss poor.

    • It’s a sad example of where the constant pursuit of better graphics has come at the detriment of fun/features.
      Devs, please listen, we don’t mind a drop in graphic quality when playing 4 player split screen! We are having FUN!

      • Indeed. Actually, I don’t think ANY online game will ever beat split-screen + costomizable bots. Hell, I don’t even mind having PS1 graphics if that means I get that.

  4. Looks like its for the N64

  5. Who needs GT5 graphics when you can have these! :P

  6. According the box covers on Amazon, the Wii version is the only one not done by Criterion. Says it all, really ;)

  7. Surelly you got those screens wrong. Those are from the original Hot Pursuit. Right?…

  8. Wii is a rebadged VTECH lol!

  9. These HD-ports (is it?) doesn’t give the Wii any justice…. I’m glad that I’ll be avoiding this

  10. Ok, Hot Pursuit 2 from 2002 on a 10 year old console. Though Googling it now I remember it looking so much better at the time…

    • Though looking in to it more, my friggin PHONE has better graphics than both! My little exercise has proven pretty interesting…

    • My thoughts exactly – I was only looking at some old Need for Speed Hot Pursuit footage the other week and thinking how good it looked for an old generation game – when comparing it to the Wii screens above it’s frankly embarrassing…

      I know it’s not all about graphics and that the casual market doesn’t really care, but still it makes me sad that 75 million people experience games this way…

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