‘Afterfall: Insanity’ Signed By Just A Game

It has been announced that Berlin publisher ‘Just A Game’ has secured the global sales rights to Afterfall: Insanity, the survival-horror-shooter from Nicolas Games.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the game, it is an Unreal-3 powered 3rd person shooter set in 2032 – 20 years after World War III. 

“To survive the nuclear holocaust, humankind fled from the contaminated surface to find safety in bunkers, mines and huge cities below ground. As mysterious psychologist Adam, the player will be part of a team of medical scientists in charge of monitoring the fugitives’ mental stability. Humankind may have survived certain death aboveground, but their safe haven threatens to turn into a cursed prison.”

Check out some new screens below.


  1. Looks tasty!

  2. Yeah, looks good man…

  3. Yeah, looks good man…

  4. Sounds like ‘Fallout: Survival horror’ would have been an apt name. Looks good though!

  5. Afterfall. love it.. that ranks up there with “Modern Combat 2” as the best rip off name :)

  6. I think I’m looking at different screens to the rest of you. The art-style looks shockingly generic. :-\

  7. Oh shit, it’d kinda suck if WW3 started in 2012. :(

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