TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #83 Tekken X Street Fighter

One half of the bizarre yet titillating Namco/Capcom face-off, Tekken X Street Fighter sees Capcom’s stalwart champions cross the Rubicon and compete with the likes of dodgy handle-bar mustachioed throwbacks and weirdos who wear taxidermy output for a hat. Of course, that’s not to say their roster is the paradigm of normality. Oh no. Have you ever stopped and actually looked at the size of Chun Li’s thighs?

It’s an interesting concept, a veritable franchise grudge-match set to compete on multiple fronts, raising numerous questions in the process. Which game will the fans prefer? Which title will actually sell more? How the hell can you actually haddoken a fire-ball at a bear and not piss yourself laughing?

Both teams at Namco and Capcom are allegedly developing their respective games in isolation. There will be no sharing of resources, ideas or concepts, with each team just as surprised as the rest of us when they get their hands on their characters in the other studio’s title.


When either game will release is still subject to much speculation. There is a general feeling, however, that Street Fighter X Tekken will hit first, but the exact date is still up in the air. Just like Jedward-wannabe Paul after being Shoryuken-ed into the sun.



  1. actually, this is on my top 10 for the year!
    what other fighting game can compete with this clash of the two biggest franchises? :)

    • Street Fighter X Teken, but I don’t know if that 2011 or 12

  2. I think I’m interested in this for two reasons. One the two games have quite different styles. And two because I love both games. My only problem is I’ve been getting bored of fighters because they haven’t really evolved much since they first came about.

    But if I get only get one Beat Um Up next year its gonna be Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    • Try Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for an apparently sensational new take on beat’em ups (it will be full of win if the first is anything to go by).

  3. I think the style of Street Fighter fits the characters of Tekken well. They look good in the weird 3D cartoony on 2D thing.

  4. Wonder where SFxT will be in the list

    • If it made it all ;)
      Remember, for every game that made the list, two didn’t.

      I might actually reveal at some point the bottom top ten. There’s a few surprises down there.

  5. pretty interesting game!

  6. Looking forward to playing this and SFxTekken but mainly this as i prefer the Tekken franchise more.

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