Kaz Confirms “Work Is Underway” On GT6

Polyphony head Kazunori Yamauchi is currently in Las Vegas for the 2010 SEMA Show, a trade-only conference all about the motoring industry.  As such, he’s been giving interviews with a few publications and Autoweek has picked his brains about Gran Turismo 5.

The car he’s chosen this year to win the SEMA Gran Turismo award is this 1969 Chevy Camero, which got the Best In Show award. “This year’s winner is going to be in the next Gran Turismo installment, which I’m presuming will be Gran Turismo 6,” asks Autoweek.

“It’s probably too late for Gran Turismo 5, right?” says the website, to which Kaz replies “right”, before being asked, “Is development underway on GT6?”

“Yeah,” is the succinct reply.  “It’s not something that we can talk that lightly on. It took 2,000 days to get all the ideas that went into GT5. It’s just too early to be talking about GT6.”

He also talks about the real reason for the recent delay. “It was really to adjust it so it would be perfect,” he says, before mentioning his first release, Motor Toon GP, and how that was released far too early. “That was something I regretted very much when that happened because I knew it was coming,” he confides.

“And that happened at the beginning of my career, and it was something I vowed would never happen again.”

Finally, he confirms that there won’t be engine swaps in Gran Turismo 5. “No, engine swaps,” he says, “you can’t do that.”

Source: Autoweek, via PSU.com.


  1. Kinda irritating to some degree that they’re already brainstorming ideas for GT6 and we don’t even have GT5 yet.

  2. It’s inevitable. Of course there’s going to be a GT6. Atm, they’re probably discussing what new things they want in it. We know that Karting was planned for GT6, so they’ve obviously been planning it for a while now.

    • Karting was always planned for GT5. It just took them so long that they even started to call it GT6 internally…

  3. I give it 10 mins after release until someone finds a game breaking bug.

  4. I love bathing in the pool of optimism that is a Gran Turismo comments section…

    • We were optimistic once. It was beaten out of us by huge development times, release delays and witheld information

  5. No1 should have been expecting engine swaps anyway, must admit it would have been nice, and its what got me hooked on forza. HURRY UP GT5.

  6. this months topgear magazine has a great article on GT5. Apparently the attention to detail is ‘some way north of OCD’ and on the top gear track the cats eyes catch the glint of the sun!

    I’m salivating it sounds that good!

  7. It’s the same with Killzone 2… took 5 years but Killzone 3’s only taking two…

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