Metal Gear & Final Fantasy HD Collections?

Do not get excited just yet as this is a rumour from a website I had not heard of until today and it’s quoting a secret source that has no name but allegedly works for Sony, all very dubious.

Then again the Ico, Prince of Persia and God of War collections all leaked out as rumours before an official announcement so you have my permission to get slightly excited. You can jiggle about on your seat a bit but no jumping on the sofa and punching the air just yet, okay? Here is the skinny from that “secret Sony source”:

“The industry’s best developers are remastering their best games. Prince of Persia, Shadow of Colossus, and ICO are just the beginning. When fans see what Konami’s doing to the Metal Gear series, and what Square’s doing with Final Fantasy, they’re going to be very happy.”

Final Fantasy VII in HD?  Commencing chair jiggling in 3… 2…

Source: TheGameHeadz

P.S. If this turns out to be yet another site trying to grab headlines by posting utter tosh perhaps they should click here and see what happend to 3xG, the site that printed the first Gran Turimso 5 ‘review’.



  1. I’ve always wanted a HD remaster of Final Fantasy X… so is this site serious?

    • FFX was fantastic. One of the gems of the PS2.

    • My mouth is drooling at just the though of FFX in HD with trophies.

    • Maybe they could redo some of the voices while they’re at it, they were absolutely abysmal!

      • I liked the voices……. really

  2. I’m dubious, very dubios. I would love to have both of these series in HD remakes. But how many times have we heard about a FFVII remake. Which I can’t see it ever happening. Unless they mean FFX or FFXII which would seem more likely. If they did do these they would be onto a winner!

  3. Haha fantastic link at the end! This would be great for those who haven’t played them, but aren’t HD remakes only PS2 games? Meaning the first MGS and FFVII would need to be completely remade?

    • MGS1 already has been remade for the gamecube using the MGS 2 engine; I imagine they would just poish that version up for re-release,Also we virtually saw the vast majority of MGS1 in MGS4, the could just reuse that material adding the necessary bits. Which would be awesome!

      • That version of MGS1 was made by Silicon Knights, who I think may have been owned by Nintendo at that point. So I don’t know if Konami would have the rights to make it on the PS3, which is a damn shame, I’ve played it in HD+3D (though it was alittle glitchy in 3D) on the Dolphin Emulator and it’s super pretty.

      • You have a point there, but Konami owns the MGS brand so I would imagine they would have had to give permision to Silicone Knights in the first place. I dunno, I’m not up on all the legal jargon of gaming.

        Anyway, like I said virtually all the locations already exist in HD from MGS4 they could just use that and create the rooms they needed accordingly!

      • Got Twin Snakes too…The over the top cut scenes are EPIC

  4. MGS Collection would make my year…

    At this rate my hundreds of ps2 games will be getting flooded in with all these awesome HD Remakes with Trophies!

    Heres hoping it turns out to be true TSA!

    • Same, I’ve been dying to play MGS3 again for ages. Please Konami, if this rumour isn’t true, MAKE IT TRUE!

      • Got every MGS and played e all to death…even the first two, even subsisitence, even….drum roll…Ghost Babel.

        I can think of nothing better than all the MGS Series being remastered so I can have them all uniform and neat. Seriously my PS1 and PS2 Collection is huge, if they released everything I have old gens as HD Classics I would make my money back through Ebay sales….

      • Love to get hold of the MGS’s… One nice big box set please! maybe designed in the same style as the boxes snake hides

  5. fingers crossed. Doubt that i woulkd get the the Metal Gear ones.. Drove me nuts that I couldnt strafe to dodge.

  6. MGS Trophies and MGS HD remake – i really hope they’re both true!

  7. MGS1, 2 and 3 with the MGS4 engine would be sheer amazing. Considering MGS4 has virtualy all of shadow moses in it, the jungle environment we saw in MGS3 and the marine environment from MGS2, it sounds like the games wouldn’t be that hard to touch up.

  8. I hope this true. Would love the MGS series to be in HD.

  9. Is it wrong that i am not bothered by this?

    • Yes, you sir/madam are banished, Banished I say!

  10. It would be hilarious if MGS 1, 2 and 3 would get trophies through HD Collection, while MGS 4 would be without trophies.

    • maybe this is why the earlier ‘MGS4 trophies’ article was updated to say, ‘maybe but you will have to wait a while’. Makes sense to me!

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