Another GT5 Disk Appears, Owner Is “Playing It Now”

Remember this? Well, that line of enquiry has gone all quiet, but that hasn’t stopped this chap telling the world he’s got a copy himself, although we’ve no idea where from. The pic below appeared on Aukro, a Czech auction site like eBay – there’s one here although the image is different; you’ll notice the disk looks very similar to the one from Friday.


So, assuming this one is real, that’s the boxart, insert and disk there, and apparently the guy who took the photo is playing the game right now and is willing to share some webcam footage of the game, according to posters over at GTPlanet.  If he does (and he’s appeared online) we’ll update the post and let you know.

And yes, he’s signed into the PSN

Hopefully all this means that Sony are lining up the game’s release for any day now.  In other news, studio head Yamauchi has given Sony’s PR team a bigger headache than any disk shot – in an interview with Esquire magazine he has said the development of GT5 was confined by the PlayStation 3 hardware somewhat.

“Software has to be created under the restriction of the hardware,” he said. “With each new PlayStation, the vessel has become bigger, but it’s still not enough. With GT5, we’ve made it as clean and beautiful as possible within the confines of the space we’re given, but of course there’s a lot more that we want to put in.”

“There are a lot of things that we couldn’t put in this time,” he concludes, when asked about what he’s going to do now that the game is finished, “so we’ll probably just continue making the game. Completing one piece of work – in this case, GT5 – really connects to the motivation to make the next one.”

The magazine says the game, which took five years to create, has cost £38m.

Thanks, JamboGT.

To read what I think about the whole GT5 thing, click here.


Update: apparently it’s all a big fake.



  1. Well the disc is the same… Shame it’s still blurry cam.

    How do they make it so blurry? Is there a particular brand of camera they use? Or do they just smear the lens with butter?

    • its that sexy soft focus look

    • The boxart is all wrong as the original has reds, blues and oranges mixed in with it..well, mine does oops.

      • on the box art, would they really put collectors edition down the spine?

      • inFAMOUS put it on the spine, so possibly.

    • Haven’t you heard? There is no such thing as a non-blurry leaked photograph ;)

  2. CZ just posted that video is on the way.

  3. Holy moly!

    So no red on the cover then!

  4. Looks like a german logo for certification. And the edition I have on pre-order, you sly Bas-.

  5. I thought GT5 supported Move, if so I’m surprised it doesn’t have Move branding on the packaging, also I’m surprised the PSN image doesn’t contain game data eg. it doesn’t say ‘at main menu’ or on the ‘top gear test track’ or whatever

    Other than that convincing as hell, and far to elaborate to bother faking

    • It uses the eyetoy and the package says eyetoy enhanced.

    • GT5 never supported Move, the only place that ever said that was 3xG…

      • It just support headtracking of the ps3 eye.

  6. If these are real, where the hell are they getting them from? We don’t even have a release date and yet these people have the game. They must have got them from somewhere, someone at Polyphony/Sony/the printing company must be giving these out, and I think its worrying that the whole game is leaking out.
    If they’re real.

  7. To be honest, being confined to the hardware is probably a good thing since if they were to add even more we’d have to wait several more years for it -.-

  8. Shouldn’t the language be in foreign text ?

    • Not necessarily. There are lots of games in foreign countrys where the boxart is in english. But I always thought Sony translated their game to 1001 lanuages. It’s odd.

  9. The man could make quite a price on the auction, so it would probably be worth putting effort faking… As for the PSN, it might just have been some pirated game with the name edited, or something like that – the rest is pretty much easily fake-able given the blurry looks.

  10. So, seeing as there is no red on the cover, Is this a collectors edition or something?

    • Aye, says that on the spine (and in the site excerpt) ;)

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