Meet the Folder: GTOWN

Another month, another folder, this time it’s old GTOWN. I say old because he’s been here 11 days longer than me, and there’s not a lot of us left who joined in 2008.

As well as being a golden oldie at TSA, GTOWN was also one of the first 40 members, joining within the first 21days of the newly organised team. Over those 21 days we actually had about 35 people join the team. Unfortunately that’s dropped quite a bit, we’re lucky if we get that many new folders in 4 months.

We really do hope these extra posts we do on folding@home encourage you to take part in this great cause, and what’s more, don’t forget, we’re giving you the chance to win a share of £60 worth of PSN vouchers.


Name: Stephen Kitching
Age: 34
Location: Glossop, Derbyshire, UK

Folding Q & A

There are several different reasons why people run Folding@home, be it experience with one of the diseases folding aims to cure, just helping out, or for community status. But what got you into folding and for TheSixthAxis’ Team?

I’ve always folded since I first got my PS3. As I spend most of my internet time lurking around TSA it makes sense for me to fold for them.

There are several different platforms that folding@home can be run on (PS3, PC, MAC), what platforms do you use to fold?

At the moment I only use my PS3 for folding. My friend and I  are currently building a PC out of spare bits and bobs we have lying about and I will have that folding at some point. Specs will be published once we’ve finished.

Some people get worried about using the PS3 to fold because they’re concerned about their PS3 dying on them. As a guide, how long do you fold on your PS3 for, and in which mode?

My PS3 now folds most nights overnight while I charge my controllers. I have also set it to kick in after 10 minutes idle time. It soon adds up. I always fold in standard mode as I have NO idea what the difference is  between the two.

The Folding@home software on the PS3 has evolved over the past few years, brining in Music playback and most prominently Life with PlayStation. Is there anything that could be added to improve the experience?

Or is there something that you would like to be removed from Life with PlayStation?

It would be cool if it could run in the background while watching films.

There will be people from the TSA community that will read this who don’t currently fold, is there anything you’d like to say to those members?

Even if you only fold for an hour a day while charging your stuff you will make a difference to some pretty epic scientific theories. There is no reason not to. It’s a simple press of Triangle to set it to fold automatically. The cost is minimal on the PS3 and you’re not using bandwidth as you don’t need to be online to fold, just to send and download your work units.  Try it for a week. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

User Stats

Team Rank Project Rank Weekly Points Total Points Work Units Next Overtake
13/11/10 42 124,727 502 37,723 159 Retroedward
13/11/11 42 64,003 N/a

We need you

If you would like to feature in a future Meet the Folder post, please fill out the form over at and when you press send you’re answers will be forwarded to me and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

We’d like to thank Stephen for his time in answering our questions.


  1. It certainly would be great to be able to fold in the background whilst watching videos – at the moment, my PS3 is being used for video playback more than anything else, and that coupled with other factors has meant for a while now I’ve just been down to folding on my PC. Didn’t know you could set it to fold automatically, but that’s useful to know and should help me get a bit more done.

    • same here, on both points. :-)

  2. Can you fold while playing games?

    • Nope. It is resource heavy. You can browse news and stuff websites or listen to music on your hardrive.

    • No, but you can at your PC/MAC/Linux Machine

  3. I’m also available for birthdays and barmitzvas. Thanks for the chance to do this. This is the sort of community stuff that makes TSA great!

  4. Oh what the hell i fold for an hour starting tommorrow.

    • It requires more than an hour requires abut 6 in 3 days, and that’s for 1 WU.

      • 6 hours for three days ? It takes me about *counts on fingers* yeah I suppose about 6 hours per unit….. But not 3×6 !
        Actually, are there different sized W/U’s ? All of mine seem to be 300k but the older ones I’m sure used to be 150k.

        @Kitch, where’s GTOWN !!!!!?

      • Ay, that’s what I mean 2 hours a day is suggested. And yes there are different sized one. Usually the PS3 ones are 6 hours long, but if you’re like AG2297, you can get ones that are 48 hours long, but you get longer to do them.

      • I’m Kitch on the front page but GTOWN in the forums. I can be naughty!!

    • Slap it on for 3 hours while you recharge. Or go to college/uni/work/watchjeremykyle.

  5. derbyshire! I’d like a folding in the background too, so i can play music/video etc..

  6. I’ve just released (yesterday) that my PC FAH could be set to run on all CPU cores without installing a separate client for each.
    Should be able to get the work units done a bit quicker now.

  7. Top stuff, guys. *tips hat at GTOWN*

    For me, the perfect time is overnight. Most WUs take 6 to 8 hours and I’m in the land of nod. My motto is ‘Fold When Out Cold’.

    • That’s why they’re that long, game all day, fold at night

  8. Bit of extra info on the user overtake:
    GTOWN’s (Kitck’s) next overtake in a years time.
    User: Kai
    Overtake: 22/02/12

  9. I could fold all day everyday (though PC or PS3), but I was wondering is it worth me doing so when my internet is only about 250kb download speed (not sure about the upload)

    • Yeah, the files to download are about 5MB, but can be up to 10MB, it will take a little longer to download, but it’s for a good cause.
      Plus it only uses your internet at the start and end of the WU.

  10. Didnt know you dont need to be online to do it non-stop!

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