PS3 Firmware 4.30 Brings Vita Trophies To PS3, Removes Folding

Finally, the PS3’s trophy system will be getting the tweak many people have been waiting on for nearly a year with a new Firmware update – the ability to see the PS Vita’s trophies from the PS3’s XMB. The pile of silverware will also have a new home: under the PlayStation Network logo (rather than the Game menu). You will also be able to see your Trophy level and progress towards the next level while viewing your trophy collection, says the US Blog.


You can view every single PS3 and PS Vita trophy here in our trophy list.

However, the new firmware brings about something of a negative – the retirement of the Life With PlayStation service, and that includes the [email protected] software.

“We will stop offering the Life with PlayStation application to new users with the 4.30 update,” says the blog. “This includes the conclusion of our participation with Stanford University’s [email protected], a distributed computing project aimed at understanding protein folding, misfolding and studying the causes of a variety of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s as well as various cancers.”

More than 15 million people used the [email protected] software on PS3, contributing over 100 million computation hours. The official TheSixthAxis team reached the top 300 teams in the world this year, and I’m sure many will be sad to see it go.

PS3 Firmware 4.30 is expected tomorrow.



  1. I wonder why they are retiring the service :(

    • Me too. I haven’t done a massive amount of Folding but it was a wonderfully philanthropic thing to have on our beloved black beasts.

    • I got the impression from stanford’s press release it was because they had what they needed wrt simulation and “The next steps, now underway at Stanford, are to take this lead compound and help push it towards a viable drug.”

  2. Are does games made up in the screenshot?(Except super wheels) Never heard of them.

    • Sony tend to use fake games in their XMB shots. Not sure why.

      Lots of typos too…

      • Keeping impartial, I guess. Though I don’t see why they’d need to.

  3. I don’t get why the folding relationship would end.

    Shame that nothing useful is added or tweaked too. XMB looks very dated when you quit the new store back to it & it’s always been awful with large amounts of data with ridiculously long lists to scroll up & down and being unable to filter/group better beyond a few ‘labels’

  4. Shame to see folding go, I contributed my fair share but haven’t run it for a while. It’s interesting it says its not going to be available to new users, does that mean if you’ve used it before you can continue to do so?
    Ability to view vita trophies on PS3 xmb is long overdue, sounds like they actually listened to user feedback on the one.

  5. The folding feature is a noble thing, but dispite that I never used it. This has mainly to do with that I do not want to run my electronic stuf idle for too long.

    • I am the complete opposite. I have folded almost every single night since June 2008. Very sad to see this service go and hope Sony will reconsider adding it back soon.

  6. Maybe the new consoles are not that well built and would not be able to stand getting hammered 24/7?

    • Nah, it’s not that.

      • Any idea why then? Did Stanford pay to have the program on the PS3 for all these years?

      • That’s my guess. Was a contract and they chose not to renew it. Maybe spent too much money getting the contract for the PS4 ;)

      • Looks like they got what they wanted. Also, I’m hoping the PS4 is being designed with an eye to helping Stanford out in the future.

  7. Shoudn’t the title be PS3 Firmware 4.30 Brings Vita Trophies To PS3?

    • yeah im a little confused too. Should be the other way around.

    • It should. Thanks.

  8. Really? I really can’t see why they’re taking Folding away :/

  9. Hmm, I don’t really like the locaiton personally – I’d rather they did a standard “Trophies” menu, then a “PS3” and “Vita” option. I also suspect this means that the information will need to sync everytime you want to view it, like on the Vita, and won’t be saved on the PS3. It would also mean you cannot view the information when offline. Oh well, I guess I should be grateful the option is there! :)

  10. SCE taking low to a new level.

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