TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #59 True Crime: Hong Kong

Picking up where original (and now defunct) True Crime developer Luxoflux left off, United Front Games (of ModNation Racers fame) take the hard-hitting franchise to the crime-choked underworld of Hong Kong. Players take on the role of Detective Wei Shen, a member of Hong Kong’s Triad Bureau, a division dedicated to fighting the organised crime syndicate’s nefarious grip on the seedier side of the city.

Similar to other True Crime plots, Officer Shen must wrestle between the demands of committing unlawful acts and his own conscience in order to maintain cover and achieve his main objective – the taking down of the Triad organisation.

It had been years since we heard wind of a new True Crime title (a follow-up to True Crime: New York City was in the works but got canned by Activision when sales of the game “failed to meet expectations”) until the 2009 Spike Awards revealed a Chinese flavoured revival was coming.

True Crime games are usually visceral, morally ambiguous descents into the murky and violent world of the wrong side of the law. With an accomplished developer on board, we’re thinking this tale of “ends justifying the means” could be a sleeper hit of 2011.

Originally scheduled for a Q4 2010 release (now, basically), True Crime: Hong Kong was given some more time in the development oven to get those action dumplings just right. We can’t wait to dig in. Here’s that Spike reveal trailer again to whet your appetite. Scrumptious.


  1. I don’t know…. I feel negative about this not because of UFG but Activision.

  2. ‘United Front games’ is that not the guys who made Modnation Racers?

    • Yeah they made Modnation…. interesting though

    • “United Front Games (of ModNation Racers fame) take the hard-hitting franchise …”

      Did you read the article or just watch the video?

  3. Hmmm i liked the first one, hopefully its as fun, diving in slow motion :P

  4. I loved the first True Crime, second wasn’t as great. Really looking forward to this, Streets of LA was one of my most played games on PS2.

  5. i had both but i found that the game was pretty blocky (control wise) more so with the driving.

    but this game i should thik has a new engine, could it rival GTA???

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