NFS: Hot Pursuit Wii Gameplay Footage

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of NFS: HP have been getting rave reviews, including our ownThe Wii version seems to have been somewhat overlooked, so we were very interested when some gameplay footage appeared on the net.  Well, it really doesn’t look very pretty, and actually resembles an N64 game.  Saying that, the racing looks solid and the Wii version also has four player split screen, so it’s not all bad.

Source: YouTube


  1. the screenshot a while back said it all.

  2. oh indeed, those graphics actually made me laugh out loud, poor poor poor

  3. Its do bad its almost good

  4. Another shovelware title for the Wii. The Wii has a lot of awesome titles and some really epic one upcoming… yeah pun intended, but always make sure you check out reviews and/or gameplay videos for the more mainstream titles.

  5. If this is Gran Turismo 5 I cannot wait. The detail on the cars is astounding. All is forgiven for taking 5 years to produce. Roll on release date! Polyphony you are awesome.

  6. I can see why there was no gameplay footage shown early on now.

  7. My girlfriend just put it perfectly “It looks like a PS2 game you’d buy from a garage”

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