NFS: Hot Pursuit Wii Gameplay Footage

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of NFS: HP have been getting rave reviews, including our ownThe Wii version seems to have been somewhat overlooked, so we were very interested when some gameplay footage appeared on the net.  Well, it really doesn’t look very pretty, and actually resembles an N64 game.  Saying that, the racing looks solid and the Wii version also has four player split screen, so it’s not all bad.

Source: YouTube


  1. I know its not all about graphics, but Wii-lly … thats not good

    • That wasn’t even wiimote-ly amusing

      • You’re just (nun)chucking the puns about aren’t you?

        Sorry, I know it’s bad but’s all I could come up with.

      • Im getting (wii balance)board of these funny comments

  2. Wow it’s just like Outrun Arcade Online for PSN :P

    • Except Outrun Online Arcade is really pretty and awesome!

    • Outrun goes beyond everything

  3. GT5 isn’t looking too good these days is it?

  4. I dont care what anyone says.

    That shizzle is awful!

  5. I know that it isn’t all about the visuals & that graphics aren’t everything, but…Ewwww.

  6. Looks like re-packaging of NFS Nitro on the wii

    • I don’t know why I got that…. it was awful it was like one race and it became the worst experience of my life… Reckless spending really

    • In fact I cant see if its changed at all. The same power ups, graphics, HUD. Probably the same cars as well. Oh and nitro had police cars. The only thing that looks different is the menu and the landscape. Not the sort of highly polished game criteron usually make.

  7. Is this on the virtual console?

    • No its a boxed retail product.

    • So the proper question would have been: Is this WiiWare?


  8. …and I thought Gran Turismos screeching tires were bad.

    The gameplay doesnt look that bad though. Still not buying it.

  9. I like nice graphics, but its not a deal breaker if they aren’t present, but that almost looks unplayably bad.

    Action-wise it looks like all the ingredients but that’s is one appalling looking package to show them off in.

    Good to see Polyphony Digital providing the sound effects though

  10. Absoloutely awful. PS2 bad better graphics in racing games, and I’m not even talking about the Gran Turismo’s.

    Actually could pass for a mediocre DS game.

    But then again why should they bother? They know the market for Wii owners is Mum’s and Mum’s buying for pre-teens, so its not like your gonna get your mother writing her dismay at the game’s graphics?

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