Rumour: Left 4 Dead 3 at VGAs?

A new trailer has just been uploaded showcasing the upcoming VGAs. Asking us to “look closer,” if you freeze the video just after the message, you can see the following image flashing for the briefest of instances.


We know there will be reveals at this year’s VGAs, but is this Left 4 Dead 3? What else could it be? Start your rumour-engines.

[Update] As mentioned in the comments, there is every chance this zom-fest is not Left 4 Dead 3 but another third part in a popular undead series – Dead Rising 3. The font is definitely similar.

Source: Spike



  1. Another Zombie game?

    The original L4D was good, loved the characters but the second just had worse characters and a few upgrades.

    • I’d agree the old survivors were likely better, but the new ones were fine. And the upgrades may have been few, but melee weapons for example were massively game changing.

    • As someone who’s late to the Left 4 Dead party I can say that L4D2 blasts the original in the chest and stirs the entrails with a rabid chainsaw. The first one was like the joy of holding a newborn but the sequel really did progress things nicely. Ellis is superb with his silly stories (although the other three are a touch grey compared). However, the weapons are sensational. The Military Sniper Rifle being one of the most joyous, scoped weapons I’ve ever used. However, the melee weapons are like gifts from god. So far I’ve killed 5,000 zombies with the fire axe alone!

      Although, Blair-fella, you have a good point. Yet more zombie games but the L4D series has been some of the best cooperative play to ever grace gaming platforms. Obviously if we look at anything outside of cooperative it very well might feel like more of the same.

      Oh, and don’t tell me the bile bomb wasn’t awesome or I’ll reach for my special internet-flouncing dress and storm off in a huff. 8-)

      • plus now valve like the PS3 this would be great news.

  2. Oooh! Left for Dead 3 could it finally be on Playstation?

    • That would be my dream come true! It’s the only game I am insanely jealous of on other consoles.

      • Nate, fella. Get it on the PC and come join me! I promise not to touch you up too!

      • My PC is too crappy, otherwise I most definitely would! There is such an innocent joy to be had in blasting the hell out of a zombie hoard.

      • You can pick up my card (ATI 4870 1GB RAM) for around a ton these days. It lets me play L4D2 maxed out in the settings. Appreciate it might be too expensive too indulge but still worth putting it out there. :-)

      • Haha it is a bit! I believe you mentioned some touching up though… Now this I could really get behind. Or on front, your choice really. BOOM BOOM!

    • well we do have portal two. maybe they have come around

  3. What if it’s Dead Rising 3? Or another case file announcement for Dead Rising 2? The second question probably is wrong cause it would have to be a hell of a case file to be announced at the VGA’s.

    • Freely admit I’m no L4D aficionado, hence why I left it as an open question.

      Easily could be a new zombie franchise or something else. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  4. It says 1 of 3 in the bottom right corner, dunno what it means of course. Oh and there was another barcode in the trailer as well.

  5. I hope it’s not Left 4 Dead 3. I WANT MY EPISODE 3!!

    • oh god yes please

      • Special time with little-rht992? I don’t think this is the place for exclamations like that. :-p

      • i sir stand by what i said no matter how you took it haha

    • Screw left 4 dead, give us episode 3, you can’t end episode 2 the way they did and not give us episode 3.

  6. House of the Dead: OverKill – Director’s Cut for PlayStation Move.

  7. As nobody read my last post.


    It is Dead Rising 3

    • I doubt it as dead rising 2 was only released a few months back.

  8. Nice trailer to an awesome tune! Aphex Twin – Window Licker.

    I’ll put money on that not being L4D3.

  9. Do you know what would be fun? A The Walking Dead game. You know what wouldn’t be fun? A crappy The Walking Dead game.
    I doubt it’s a L4D game, because it appears that the infection hasn’t spread much, if they’re still asking to report said zombies.

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