DC Universe Online ‘Gotham City Fly-Through’ Trailer

It seems like we’ve been talking about DCUO forever, and with the game currently delayed until 2011 there’s no doubt you’ll have to put up with our wittering for a good while yet.  The latest trailer, titled ‘Gotham City Fly-Through’, shows off some of the locations you will be committing acts of good or evil in (evil!).

Source: YouTube



  1. Whoo. Pretty. Now lets see if the price is right.

  2. Got my beta code for PC last night they said in email my PS3 code should be coming out soon i can not wait

    • Are you in uk?

      • At the moment, the beta is exclusive to the US. Of course, players who have American PSN accounts can still access the beta, but in my personal case, an NDA had to be processed before they could hand over a code.

      • No i am in the uk when i pre-ordered from play.com i sent them a copy of my order and they have now sent me out a beta code

  3. Darn it Dan, Don’t you know how excited I get whenever I see Superman on the front page.
    The article/video didn’t disappoint though, looks good

  4. This video has got me slightly interested in the game again

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