Halo: Combat Evolved For Just 400 Points

The original, groundbreaking and utterly wonderful Halo: Combat Evolved is now (for today only) just 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360’s Games On Demand service.  That’s about three and a half quid, less than a Sackboy T-Shirt and probably the same as a pint.


Halo, in case you’re not familiar, was the subject of one of our Modern Masterpiece articles, where we said that “Halo was a step beyond, a real generational leap and one that was so large it hasn’t been bettered in my opinion.”  I’m probably still of the same opinion, and this is absolutely a must-have.

400 points for one of the best games ever made?  Go.  Oh, and whilst you’re there, GTA San Andreas is the same price.  Madness.



  1. Thanks for the heads up! Not fussed about Halo, but San Andreas is a no brainer.

  2. thats awesome. anyone else know what other things are on the cheap? I remember reading splosion man was super cheap today too.

    • Trails HD is 400 points ……… now thats a bargain

    • Splosion Man is 160 points.

      • now thats what i call super super cheap. i’ll be picking that up.

  3. I’m glad I have the original game, since this won’t come out on psn. It would be nice if it had a higher res and better textures than the original, and with some more antialiasing or something to improve the graphical quality. As playing it on a modern tv makes it seem somewhat dated. Cheap though, very cheap.

    • Didn’t you read? MS says that people aren’t interested in HD remakes… the’re never wrong, lol

  4. Brilliant. I’ve had 500 points sat around for a while doing nothing, now it’s just 100. And Halo’s now queued ready for when I get home. Shame you can’t do the same with PSN. Surely they’d get more impulse purchases if you could?

  5. Don’t think I have enough HDD space. Sad face.

  6. Might pick this up depending on the download size (not got the quickest broadband in the world) as would love to play single player again and I’m told the online multiplayer is immense…..

  7. Cheap! Loved ‘Splosion Man demo as well so grabbing that too. Of course with my tiny little HD that’s about all I’ll be grabbing for a while!

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